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Hi, guys, quickie note--if anyone's in Houston, TX this April 26th, I will be there, too, come to TeenBookCon to see meeeeeeee!  The fabulous creators Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki, who are amazing and the creators of "Skim", they will be there also and we're totally doing a panel together and I will likely embarrass myself geeking out over them.  There will also many other amazing authors presenting!  The event is free to attend and you can find the information here: TeenBookCon!
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Really interesting and thought-provoking entry by Moonie-Dreamer on marketing one's work:…

I posted in the comments there, but wanted to archive this in my Journal Entries for future reference, as well as give a heads up to people interested in the topic.  It's certainly an important one!!  This is less actual for people with a dependable 9 to 5 job, but for a freelance artist it's a must to consider these things, since you never know which of your promotional efforts will get you a job (or which won't).  For example, I never would have gotten the TOKYOPOP publishing offer if I hadn't joined the GirlAMatic and WirePop comics collectives; and I wouldn't have been invited to _those_, if I hadn't been putting my comics and things on my own website in the first place.  So, taking some initiative to be seen certainly went a ways there, for me.  And even so, was that enough effort? I know for sure I've lost potential readers by hiding under my art rock for months on end, instead of engaging with the online world and sharing my creative exploits.  I can't tell you the amount of people who are still surprised by the fact that I have books out besides "Dramacon"--and I can't blame them! "Nightschool: The Weirn Books" came out like a ninja in the night, with barely a word or two from me, its own creator, to announce its existence to people who had kindly followed me at that point. (...In my defense I was working like a dog all throughout that series, I barely had any leftover functioning brain cells to remember how to brush my teeth ;;;;OTZ). 

So, this is something I've come to realize over the years of working as a professional comics/manga creator--YOU have to give your work the best chance you can.  And this doesn't just mean sacrificing on the altar of comics-making fun things like outings with friends, videogames, being up-to-date on all the current anime (that's how I published those 10 books in 8 years!). It doesn't just mean staying at your desk and drawing when you could be watching a movie.  Giving your work the best chance means ALSO taking the time to have it Seen and Noticed by people. And this is difficult for us artists, since most of us are shy, retiring hermits by nature who think 'Everyone Else Draws Better than Meeeee' and 'Why Would Anyone Want To Even Look At My Stuff, Anywaaaaay'.  The wisest advice ever given to me by a writer friend on this topic was: "Don't take that choice away from people.  Maybe they'll like your stuff, or maybe they'll hate it.  But don't decide FOR them."  Words to live by, IMHO.

...That being said, I still have a deep need to hide under my art rock while I create, and that will always have to come first >.>  TL;DR--creating is important, getting the word out is important, but probably the most important is to find a balance between the two that works for you?...

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I made it!  I'm alive!  ...I have a headache, stoopid jetlag *cue copious amounts of Advil and coffee*

Re-posting the schedule info post from my Facebook everywhere, sorry if you see this more than once :D;;;


Okay, so I have my info for SacAnime! 
I will have a spot in the Vendor's room at table W33, so if you would like to say hi and/or something signed, please come by :D
I will also be running 2 panels:
SATURDAY--"Meet a Manga Author" panel 2-3 pm in Featured Events (I will be talking about my development as an artist/writer, showing stuff from various projects and embarrassing childhood photos :3)
SUNDAY--"Manga Drawing Workshop: Character Design" (I will be drawing a character from scratch using input from the audience).

For those unable to attend my drawing workshop--shed no tears, instead sign up for my class on Skillshare, it has all the stuff I will be talking about and THEN SOME, I really poured all my heart and ill-gotten drawing knowledge into this baby:

See you arooooound!


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NEWS ITEM: I will be a guest at SacAnime in Sacramento, California this coming January 3-4!  I will be running a couple of panels and I believe will have a table, as well—so if you ever wanted something signed by me and live in the area, come by and visit!  Convention information can be found here: 

I also made a special art print for the convention, a re-draw of that Alex/Sohrem scene in book 2 of "Nightschool: The Weirn Books"--I finally got it looking more like I see it in my head!!

Nightschool The Weirn Books--art print by svetlania

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My character design class on Skillshare finally launched last week. LOVING IT SO MUCH ;__;  Being able to see other creators develop ideas is one of the huge reasons why I teach, there's just no substitute for the creative melting pot of ideas that class environment can be...  Man, I miss Sheridan so much sometimes.  And my residency at ACA, those were such good times.  We just sat around that big table in our studio, drawing, talking, throwing ideas around...  I really need to write up some sort of diary report for that one day, because I don't want it to fade into the foggy corners of my mind...  In meantime, while Internet is not quite a peaceful secluded artist complex on a Florida beach, it has many other winning features indeed.

...But back to my point! In case anyone was planning to sign up for my class soon, you may want to know that there is a Challenge going on right now--the first 5 people to finish their character design packs by January 1st will get a signed limited edition print of a page of their choice from Dramacon or Nightschool!  So if you are interested, head over here:

 For those not interested--MOOOOVIES 8D  I watched some recently.  And I burn with desire to share how awesome they were--we finally got to see Gravity last weekend and man, was I glad I made the time to go see that on the big screen in 3D, what a stunning film.  I've always been morbidly fascinated by the fragile balance of life thriving in the middle of vast amounts of deadly space surrounding our little air-padded rock, so the entire film was basically made especially for me??  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and that movie punched a hole in my SOUL.

Also: Hunger Games was so amazing again 8V  I'm one of the seemingly few people who loved the books even more for the ending (while many of my friends mostly just enjoyed the first book...), so now I am so wound up for the third movie it's not even funny.  I kind of hope they don't break it up into two parts, and I kind hope that they do, so I can have more of it.  I don't know.  I JUST DON'T KNOW.

Son of Also: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode happened on Saturday and it was perfect.  I was spoiled last week with cinematic goodness, spoiled, I tell you!!  Can't wait for the new season.  ...It's funny that David Tennant was my 'first' Doctor, but Matt Smith's Doctor ended up being my favourite, in the end.  I'll be sad to see him go ;___; 

Next on the list is... Delivery Man!!  I am not expecting another Gravity, but the premise is very heartwarming and I am easy prey for stuff like that. 

Anyone else see any good stuff lately??

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NEWS ITEM: I have a character design class launching on this month! I am often asked about running drawing workshops, and sometimes I'm able to do them, and sometimes I'm not (work! travel! stuff! fear of public speaking!). And I certainly can't run them in many places, because countries are big/teleporting not invented yet/really, 21st century, really, not even a flying car come on... LUCKILY THERE IS THE INTERNET. So I took the high points of the stuff I usually teach in my character drawing workshops and arranged them as video tutorials, for those interested! They will become available later this month, but sign-up is already open here: 
(IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are signing up before November 8th, type MANGA20 to get a 20% discount ;D)
(Less important note: I am just reposting this bit everywhere on account of lazyI MEAN BUSY, so apologies if you see this a few times.)



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So, TCAF happened this past weekend!!  It was great and exhausting and amazing and I seriously don't know how I survided to tell the tale.  I'd been away from cons for so long now, that I've forgotten just how much they flatten me.  LIKE A PANCAKE.  I spent most of this week just sleeping, I have such respect for people who do cons on a regular basis...

Anyway, long story short, Bento Comics had our little table at TCAF again (with Leisl Adams, Dennis Lo and Dan Hess HAY GUYS) and my good art buddy Tacto and I did a Sherlock Holmes mini-comic together! We each did a story and then I used power tools to assemble the actual comic.
You probably think I am kidding, but I am not. :D  
Here is the final result, I love the way it turned out, hand-made books are a bit of an obsession of mine (but then again, who doesn't love them?! ...If it's you, we can't be friends D8)

Tacto has been posting the pages of her amazing story "The Unsettling Case of Ms Sutem" on her DeviartArt here and I will be posting my silly little thing over the next few days on mine.  Also attempting to cross-post to Tumblr and Twitter for the first time ever, I apologize in advance for any glitches which will certainly be not my fault but the Internet's.  Do things right, Internets! *shakefist*

I will be back with Page 2 of The Amazing Case of Maria Potemkina tomorrow in case anyone wants to read more, stay tooooned
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HI DEVIANTART it's been a while please don't throw things at meeeeeee
Popping in really quickly for now to mention--I am running another manga workshop for the nice folks at Max the Mutt Animation School in Toronto this spring--it's a 6 week (6 Sundays) workshop!  If anyone here is interested, you can head over and find all the relevant information here:…

In other news, I finished the 3rd volume of Witch and Wizard!! \;o;/  It was so many pages, so SO many pages...  But now it is done, and there was a cute story that happened while I was finishing it, I posted about it on my Facebook:…

I have to run off now, but will be back with artses 8D
Hugs to everyone to wants them!!
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Less than a year since last update this time, hooray!  I have news:

ITEM 1. Like a ninja, I will be at Anime North this weekend, doing signings and a panel with rem, a.k.a. the amazing artist for "Soulless" from Yen Press!  You want to see her, even if you want nothing to do with me, because she is incredible and can draw anyone under the table and is kind and sweet (except for when she fights evil on the dark streets of her home city, you better run then).  
I am told we'll be signing at the Beguiling booth on Saturday 2-4pm and Sunday 2-4pm (but best to double-check with them to be sure); rem also has a panel for Tokyo Demons at 11 am on Saturday, and our joint panel is on Sunday, also at 11 am!

ITEM 2. I posted a old (but new to web) short-short-short story at BentoComics here.

ITEM 3. Finished Witch&Wizard volume 2!!  I slept for like a month afterwards.  I think.  ...It will be out at the end of June and I am working on the 3rd one now! :D  After I finish that, theoretically there is supposed to be more Nightschool...  x>_<x

iTeM 4. Somehow I got a Tumblr, where I sometimes post my art...  But mostly I reblog things, apparently.  Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That AmIRite *crawls into box of shame just in case*

So who here is coming to AN? :D
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It's been almost a year since my last entry, oops.  The Toronto benefit sketch event went so well!!  Thanks to everyone who came out for that, I was really nervous, but ended up having a great time.  And we raised a lot of money to help with the post-tsunami rebuilding efforts in Japan, so a round of applause to everyone who contributed, thanks guys!

What I've been up to since then?  What HAVEN'T I've been up to, guh:
--finished volume 1 of Witch&Wizard (it stores now! ...has been for 3 months now, actually :D;;; I am so on the ball with delivering news, yes I am)
--moved my studio to a different city (the temptation to just BURN EVERYTHING I OWN instead of packing it was roughly equal to the gravitational pull of the sun)
--ran away to Singapore.  HAHAHAHA NO ONE WILL EVER FIND ME
--...came to my senses and returned to Canada.  Note to self: perhaps next time I'll run away to a country that is not ten billion degrees in the shade.
--unpacked roughly 10,000 boxes
--unpacked some more boxes
--and yet more boxes
--only 6 boxes left right now!
--did half of the second volume of Witch&Wizard (SOMEone, SOMEwhere heard my prayers and the two main characters get delightful new haircuts in this volume...  So I don't have to draw their hair for like, half the book #yesyesyesyesss 8D)  

...And now I have to finish this volume in time for June publication, so crunchtime is ON.  But I thought I'd post to let people that I'm still alive (just like GLaDOS, my best new favourite evil scientist!)  Though jury's still out on how long this condition will hold true in the face of coming deadlines.  Ha!  Haha!  ...;;;OTZ

It's 4 degrees Farenheit here right now and I am seriously questioning the wisdom of coming back to Canada T^T *considers building a campfire in the living room*
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Just a reminder for those interested: I will be in Toronto this Sunday, participating in the benefit sketch organized by Awesome People, sketching whatever people might like to commission :D All moneys will be going to the good people at Red Cross!  There will be lots of amazing artists sketching there all day, and I will be at the place from noon to 6 pm.  All the event info can be found here:…

See you there!
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Heads up--I will be in Toronto on April 17th sketching for a benefit event (Red Cross again, whee!), so if you are local and missed the chance to bid on my auctions, here is another chance to have an original sketch from me while supporting a good cause!  I don't usually offer sketch commissions because I am a wuss busy, but April 17th will be an exception.  
...Now, the event WILL be in a bar...  I am not sure how attending that will work if you are not yet 21...  I should probably ask :D;;;  All other information is here:…

In other news I am penciling the current chapter of Witch&Wizard on B4.  For the first time in my life.  Big Paper!!  I've always had trouble drawing large (it was hilarious in life drawing, I'd timidly draw a tiny naked person in the corner of the enormous newsprint sheet and then get an earful from my poor frustrated teachers XD).  Level up, yeah!!  I think I'll try nibs again for inking too.  And this time, I will win! *dorky excited artist icon here*

Hope everyone is well <3
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Hi, guys!  You all probably already heard about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan...  I hope everyone you know is all right, my thoughts are with them.  I encourage everyone to donate to their favourite charity!  It doesn't have to be a lot, every little bit helps and it will always be welcome... The need never goes away, and these organizations do so much to help people.  I donate monthly to the Red Cross, but I also just made a couple of charity ebay listings of my books and art in case anyone here would like to send something to them, as well!  I don't make it to conventions all that often these days, so this is probably one of the few sure ways to have a signed book/original sketch from me :D  100% of the winning bid will go to the Red Cross and I will take care of the shipping fees!  This is my very first time using ebay to sell something, so please let me know if there is anything wrong with the listings:……

You should also know of the awesome benefit listings by these lovely ladies from whom I am borrowing the whole auction idea (I already own all those books!  So should you!! :D):……

Thank you and take care of yourselves *hugs*
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I am back from New York and the ACA residency (I MISS EVERYONE ;___; )--thank you to everyone who found the time to come out to see me at the Yen Press panel and the Daytona beach library event!!  It was so good to see so many friendly faces, I get so nervous at these things, my hands start to shake, haha!  So it helps when the audience is good people <3

Some news:
--my website is totally updated (see news on front page *proud glow*)
--I am doing a Q&A on my lj until the end of this week, in case anyone has any questions for me!  I know I'm kind of hard to get a hold of, so now's a good time to catch me by the tail :D;;;

Also, something exciting you should know if you don't already--Yen Press is doing a New Talent Search!  The information is in this post here:…

Good luck to everyone entering!!! :party:  (...I couldn't find a :cheer with pompoms: icon, alas XD)
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So, summer totally happened since my last entry, boy, it sure did.  Somewhere in there I finished Nightschool 4 by the skin of my TEETH (and everyone else's, wah, thank you team Nightschool!!)  

And now look, it's fall!  WHAT.  I hasten to post that I will be appearing at these 2 places in October, in case anyone's interested/able to drop by:

1.  Saturday Oct. 9 3:45-4:45 Yen Press panel (signing will be at the end of the panel)
WHERE:  New York, at NYCC (Panel Room 4 (1E14))--I am told there might be advance copies of Nightschool volume 4 there!)

2.  Wednesday Oct 13 7:00 pm (Q&A)
WHERE:  Florida, Daytona Beach Regional Library at City Island (courtesy of the ACA residency program)

And that's it until May, at least--I am cutting down on my con travel pretty drastically, due to health and work reasons (work travel really did a number on me... Trying to rest up a bit.) Big thank you to all those who came out to see me and say hi!! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy *hugs*

In other news and a sudden change of topic I watched the new Robin Hood movie (the one with Russel Crowe) and it was awesome O__O!!  Did NOT expect that, yay for Galadriel kicking ass Ye Olde England way!  Next on list is Iron Man 2 and Inception, I never did get to see them in theatre, both look totally up my alley >:3

..Okay, so sleepy now, I'm off to beeeeed Z____Z  Good night, DevArt, sweet dreams <3
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Really quick note because I'm leaving for the arport 5 SECONDS AGO--for everyone who's coming to see me at MCM Expo this weekend, I posted the schedule info on my Facebook here:…

Have a good weekend, all!!
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Quickie reminder in case anyone here is applying for my graphic novel residency in Florida with Paul Pope and Craig Thompson this fall--the deadline is this coming Friday, May 21st!  It's going to be 3 weeks of awesome and comics on the wonderful green grounds of the ACA campus. The details are on my website

In other news, I had a long visit to the dentist this week ;___;  One of my poor teeth had been through 3 dentists and 5 fillings, so the only way to save it at this point was to... Get a crown... AAAAAAA.  My dentist is a wonderful and kind lady, but there's just no sugarcoating an hour and a half of close encounters with sharp pointy whirring dentist tools.  And apparently there is a possibility of a root canal later. *considers the dangers of accidentally knocking self out with a hammer beforehand*

Unrelated, I see in my latest poll there are Many Many Kindred Souls here who live for comics.  HIGH FIVE, PEOPLE.  Let's not have a life together and go draw some more!! 8D

...But first, sleep, yes z___zZzZzZzzzz

[EDIT] P.S. What's this llama badge thing all about?... *squints at llama with cape on account*
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I seem to have lost 3 months somewhere o__o;;;  


Nightschool 3 is suddenly out! Uh, early.  I got my advance copies this week, so the winner copies will be getting signed/going out this weekend!  If the following people could please please with sugar on top e-mail me their mailing addresses that would make my excuse for a life much easier ;__; :
Bettina Kurkoski, Norbert Black, Amanda S. Kaufman, Brittany Lawson, Sadia Bies, Laurie L. Thomas, Emily J. Furgerson, Neha Ranjit, Tim Ferreira, Jordan Serra, Christine Harcinske, Allyson Florez, Starlia Prichard, Sarah Covington

To people who didn't make it into the book--rest assured it was a very close call as all the submissions were frikking amazing!! Everything is now in my "NS Love <3" folder, which is something I always hug and paw through on bad days.  THANK YOU.
Some of you have asked about the next contest--I am not sure if we'll be able to have another one, actually...  These things are kind of intensive to run and I don't know if we'll have time with the fourth book.  BUT!!  If you have fanart, you should send it to YenPlus (the anthology)--their fanart pages are in colour and it's published every month :D  I've seen some kickass colour NS art in those already~


That "Roundtrip" story I did for my friends' Japanese anthology in the fall is finally online here:

If you want a printed copy, you can order one RIGHT THERE :D  The beauty of the site is in the fact that you can both read the stories online for free AND collect your favourites into custom printed collections.  I have a couple more stories to post there, which will ideally go up over the next few months.  For those interested to follow the site, you should sign up to the BentoComics Facebook here (because reliable timely updates =/= Svet :];;; )
Also, check this thread out, hee hee:… and tea, can a moment in time be more perfect *nohellno*!!


I now have a Facebook page, too:…
It's about as updated as my DevArt, which is not very...  I think I'll scoot on over there now and feed the dust bunnies OTZ
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Quickie reminder--deadline for Nightschool fanart contest is this Monday!!  Here is the info again:…

I thiiiiink I replied to all the questions on previous entry, please let me know if I missed any o@  Good luck to everyone, can't wait to see the pictures!!

Christmas was so awesome (even though we were kind of late with putting up the tree...  3 days before Christmas is not too hideous, is it?...) I now have new Russian movies to watch and a lot of delicious food to finish off. I'm purposefully not weighing myself because I fear that may result in a dramatic showdown with the scale. >__>  I ALWAYS WIN, SCALE!

...I should be in bed, I have to be up in 6 hours to catch a bus, woo 8D  <--manic late-night glint in eyiiiii

See you guys Monday, hope everyone's having a good holiday !!
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(Sidenote: I totally made cream of broccoli soup today and it didn't suck.  I PAT MYSELF ON THE BACK.)

And now!!  Here is the contest info, finally:
The contest entries: fanart for "Nightschool: The Weirn Books" in any visual media you like (if you do sculpture and plushies and such--totally accepted, just please take a clear photo of them to send in~)

Winners get: their entries published in the third volume of Nightschool and a free signed copy of the book once it comes out!

Deadline is: Dec. 28th (that's in 4 weeks!!  Deadlines that don't kill you make you stronger!! XD)

Who can enter: the legal people told us there are no limitations, hooray! But if you are under 18, you will need to have you parent sign the FanArt Release form (and if you are over 18, you can sign it yourself).  The form is here:…

Sending the entries: please send the FanArt Release Form and your art to this address: (art without a completed FanArt Form cannot be considered, so please make sure to fill it out carefully!)

Aaaaand that's it!  If anyone has any questions, please post them here :D Happy arting and good luck!!
I'm off to post some more pics, mwah~
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