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Dragon Painting process
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Was playing around with watercolours once upon a time and accidentally painted a dragon, surprise, surprise. I'm slowly but surely coming back to my fantasy roots, mermaids and elves and magic castles can't be too far off now.
Image size
783x621px 430.91 KB
iPhone 4
Shutter Speed
1/20 second
Focal Length
4 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 20, 2013, 3:56:52 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS Windows
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Epona2008|Hobbyist General Artist
wait... one moment... how can this be so perfect ? *--*
I already love your mangas but this is so much more perfect and amazing and incredible  awwww *___*
How long did it take to paint it? (with and without the time waiting that the painting is dried so you could continue your work)
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FiendishBro's avatar
FiendishBro|Student General Artist
It'sa dragon!
... and it's just lovely.
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KitsunekoShojo's avatar
KitsunekoShojo|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Keep it up! There's a fox at dA supporting you :w00t:<3
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Redfauxofenigmas's avatar
Redfauxofenigmas|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
woohoo! Loving it
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kawaii-lemming's avatar
kawaii-lemming|Hobbyist General Artist
O_O that. is. TOTALLY AMAZING!! that is the most wicked dragon i have ever seen!!!! i LOVE dragons!!!!

WOW! watercolours are hard, too! \(^ ^)/ i love it!
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thornydragon's avatar
thornydragon|Hobbyist Artist
that is really cool
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sarani-chan's avatar
sarani-chan|Hobbyist Artist
ooooh so cool! ouo
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Niss-Ana's avatar
You are amazing *.*
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Miranda-H's avatar
I would LOVE to read your fantasy stories! Go for it ^o^///
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NilRecurring's avatar
Haha 'I accidentally a dragon'
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Daydrem's avatar
wonderful! I always love seeing other artists work as it comes along. Great Job
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unstoppable-bookworm's avatar
"accidentally" painted a dragon?
xD this is awesome.
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Yoyopro3's avatar
Yoyopro3|Hobbyist Artist
Thats amazing!
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CuddlyLittlePurrrson's avatar
CuddlyLittlePurrrson|Hobbyist General Artist
I distinctly recall a mermaid guest speaker at a certain Night school... which means a return to your fantasy roots has been going on for a while now. :XD:
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CelticIrishgirl's avatar
To bad watercolors don't like me. :I
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Iggy-1-55-306's avatar
Iggy-1-55-306|Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, looks great!! I wish I was any good with watercolours, or I'd be doing what you did here except on a daily basis. Can't wait to see more!
((On a side-note, have you ever considered doing a fantasy-based manga? Creating your own little world and having characters go on splendid cross-country adventures? I would like to see you do that))
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PrintingPoet's avatar
PrintingPoet|Hobbyist Writer
Very beautiful
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KeikoKup's avatar
KeikoKup|Professional Digital Artist
Wow so pretty *_*
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Lady2010's avatar
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Amenthes-Amaterasu's avatar
Amenthes-Amaterasu|Professional Artisan Crafter
Very cool!
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astroaries's avatar
astroaries|Hobbyist General Artist
That's absolutely stunning!!
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Niarahime's avatar
That is beautiful! Wow!
...I would love to see some mermaid stuff from you! Fantasy is awesome. ^^
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mageofthebooksolivia's avatar
mageofthebooksolivia|Student Traditional Artist
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LinLupin's avatar
LinLupin|Student Artist
holy crap! O: I'm just now started drawing dragons that don't look completely physically retarded.... :I
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