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Wig Tutorial- Wefting

By Svespasveken
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Wig Wefting tutorial! 8DDD

Teaching (vaguely) how to weft two wigs into each other! 8D

Any Questions? Comments? Note me!

Please note that the methods are what I have learned from experience, and are not the only way to do this. It is just what I find useful.

Sorry if this isn't very well explained, its much easier to demonstrate the method that write it down with the few pictures i actually took during wig construction.

If anyone is interested, I may also do a basic tutorial on Styling and/ or adding widows peaks etc 8D

Widow's peak tutorial: [link]
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Do you use a sewing machine or do it by hand? Sorry Im new to this type of thing. Haha. ^^;
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i sewed by hand, simply because it is easier to be more precise in such a fiddly area. i suppose you could use a sewing machine if you wanted to, but i don't really have the skills or know how.

but if you are new, definitely sew by hand. it will be easier to correct inevitable mistakes and make readjustments XD
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Thank you so much! Ill definitely try it! ^^
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good luck! if you post any pictures, i would definitely be interested in seeing them!
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Haha Thank you! Alrighty, it wont be for a long while though since Im getting another cosplay together, getting ready for a con, and getting ready for college. But I'm trying to save! Haha. I'll definitely show you when Im finished with the wig that needs it. And I wont have to do two wigs together, only add in a few highlights. =)
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Thank you so much!!!! :D
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Haha, admit it, you loved having me as your wefting slave :D
lol at all the terrible, terrible photos...
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you were a brilliant wefting slave.

i put in the good photos actually >.>
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I was, I was XD
When are you free to get together and be crazy!?

And oh, ouch...
Nah, I kid. There were some pretty shocking ones.
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i am free every day except next weekend and this tuesday. we shall have to catch up!

i'll give you a call some time to organise something. We should so go to the pub XD
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Don't call tonight 'cause i r in the city.
lol why the pub? What pub? Pub is a weird word...
Why go to a pub when i could take you to a GAY BAR!!!! XD

Why're you going to QLD?
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i dunno. Pubs are fun 8D

going to qld because my dad isn't anymore, and i am forced to use his ticket. really don't want to go though >.> I DON'T WANT TO SEE THE GODDAMN WORLDS!!
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:O But the worlds is big and exciting!
I like the worlds XD

If i do phone you tomorrow night will you be there to answer?
I'm feeling a little sad :(
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yeah. totally >.>

yup i'm totally not going anywhere. i'm home now if you want to call me now D8 hope you're alright.
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Wow kool! I'm wondering whether to weft for zack
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oooh helpful, if i ever decide to do wefting...but im kinda lazy and don't o.0 but still very helpful for future reference.
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