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Skin tutorial

Some tips and tricks in general:

- put a paper under your drawing hand, so you don’t smudge anything
- use a reference that is as large and detailed as possible (for example in this case: 2500 X 1600 pixel)
- take your time trying out brands and pencils (I prefer Faber Castell)

So, this is my promised skin tutorial. To be honest it was weird to do, because I’ve never paid much attention at how I draw. Analyzing my steps was pretty interesting.

Most of my pictures aren’t that detailed like you can see here. I just did it to have a good example for my tutorial. How many details you put into the skin depends mostly on your reference.

Please be also aware that this is just my way of doing it. It can be right for you, too, but maybe for you a different way works better.

As always, if you have any further questions feel free to ask :)

This is a tutorial for my picture Sam Worthington.
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This is very helpful, thabk you.
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My pleasure!
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Thank You for sharing this! Greatest info I've read all day!
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My pleasure!
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thank you so much!
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My pleasure :-)
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Thank you so much for all your tutorials.  They're helping me a lot.+fav 

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That's great to hear!
This is an amazing tutorial - thanks! Just wondering which paper or paper type you are using? :) 
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thanks :) I use just ordinary printer paper.
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wow thank you sooo much that's brilliant
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Great tutorial! I like faber castell as well and am trying to get into more realistic pieces and I like how you broke this down. 
Do do you ever use the H value pencils? I never use them for drawing, are they of any use in shading and texture?
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Thank you :) Sometimes I use it for sketching, but only if I don't have a softer pencil available. I guess it's more for technical drawings (architecture and such things).
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Good to know, it's a very hard one to use.
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Oh man! Thanks a lot.... This tutorial is what I need.... You save my butt...... I'm doing a portrait of Ryan Tedder... this sure will help me... thanks again...Clap 
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I'm glad to hear that :aww:
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Amazing tutorial!

Thanks for sharing it!
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My pleasure :)
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Thank you so much for this! A traditional realism tutorial with simple tools! I've been looking for something like this for forever! :squee:
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It was my pleasure :aww:
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Thanks dear, for sharing your knowledge!!! I do appreciate this.
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It's my pleasure :)
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