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Lake of Fire

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire"
Ferdinand Foch

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Thanks very much
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This is amazing....
The lake encases and swallows the glowing fire that grows inside it, the human soul - the quote goes perfectly with it.
It looks like a submarine volcano, an angry one too lol
I really like this! :) (Smile) 
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Thank you very much, beautiful words :)
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I love it. It reminds me of a scene from the 6th harry potter movie. Just a really eye gazing and magical feel from it you know? You could even add some glow to it to give it that orange shine and light casting effect. All in all, beautiful work
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Thank you, and thanks for the suggestion :)
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Beautifully done both in colour use and composition. i agree it has an Old Master s feel to it
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Wow, thank you :) that is a huge compliment 
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Great blending of colors, title suits the art well :-)
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Thank you very much :)
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this is brilliant, i can watch this all day
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the colors remind me of renaissance paintings, the 'chiaroscuro' technique, very beautiful
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Wow, thank you, I really admire the chiaroscuro paintings (is a very powerfull effect) and I try to do myself with more or less success
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Stole my heart...

shame it's digital. I could almost see texture, paint globs on the canvas.
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I am happy that you like it :)

I agree with you, now that I am doing these abstract fractals I think that is sad that part of the magic is lost when printed, that is why I am trying to do some traditional stuff after... 14 or more years XD The results are not very good but I like to play with the textures
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This is very beautiful!
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Thank you Love 
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I see an autumn tree regaining it's leafs, as time goes backwords.
I also see a Dragon swooping in, and releasing it's golden flames of it's breathe.
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