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Round CPU 2.0

I changed the skin from 1 to 4 skins, 1 core to 8 core.

If you want the correct temperature you must check the right Speedfannumber and change the number in the variable
tab of the skin. To go there rightclick on the active skin and click edit skin and go to the Variable tab and change the number after the = sign.

In here I explain how to know what number is what.…

For the CPU temperature to work you must run SpeedFan in the background. Tested with version 4.52.

Speedfan 4.52
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if you added usage percentage and have it work with XTU as well might win an award

Look fantastic but why it's not working for me? (showing 0-c in all cores)
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are you running Speedfan?
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How do you add more cores?
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is it possible to make it read in Fahrenheit? do i just change °C to °F?
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In each CPU section you must add "SpeedFanScale=F" to [MeasureTempX] and change the postfix in [TempX°C] °C to °F. and your done.
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Love the skin!

Is it possible to have one ring to be CPU temp/load and another ring to be GPU temp/load?

EDIT: I've figured out how to make GPU temp appear but I can't seem to get the bar working to represent GPU load :/
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Measure= Plugin

This is the measurement for the gpu load but must install FIRTS the app from one of my other skin that use gpu measures if you dont this line will cause crashes.
You can also
compare the measures from my other skins that's how I learned to use rainmeter.
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Thank you!! Works perfectly now :)
when using the 4 core variant and speedfan i cant get my 4th cpu to display the correct temp. it keeps defaulting to 26c while the others are holding their correct 16-20c temps. Using your guide i have 0-11 in speedfan with 8-11 being the cpus. when i use 8-11 i get the wrong temps. 2, 3, and 4 display the correct temps for cpus 1, 2, and 3 but putting speedfan11 shows 26 for cpu 4. Any idea what im doing wrong? Heres my speedfan config screen:
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I don't have the direct answer for that. Maybe my guide isn't correct as I thought. The thing I would do is see what temp each speedfannumber gives even a few above 11 to be sure. Change the rainmeter update to 100 so the temp's update faster. Now the config screen doesn't update the temp's look in the reading or exotic screen for that. I hope this gives any help to your problem.
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Number works only if I've keep "SpeedFan" open. How to avoid that? Already saw on your description :s
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you can't. rainmeter doesn't measure everything on its own it's dependant on other software.
I cant get the numbers to work, the bars themselves work but the numbers just stay on 0
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Read the description
Can we get a six core variant, I have a fx 6300

Thanks, otherwise Great core monitor
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Changed it. I swear I made a 6 core version to.
You should add a variable that would scale the whole app.  On my screen it takes up a quarter of the space all by itself, which is just too big.

Man, would have loved it to be an 8 core variant. I am running a 5960X :S

Thank you for making this skin, I will forward it to many of my friends which run 'regular' cpus ;)
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I changed it for ya
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