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Word Tracker 2012

A year-round wordcount tracker, with a separate sheet for each month. The pack contains 3 .xls files, zipped, so just click on "Download file", unzip, and you're good to go. Instructions are included in the file; if you run into problems, just get in touch.

It's basically an updated version of last year's, with two new designs added. Hope you like them!

Update: February now has 29 days, and Ifixed a few other bugs. \o/

This is free for non-commercial use. You're free to modify this for personal use, but please link back here if you share it somewhere, or put a link in the file itself.
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I won NaNo last year using your tracker. Totally using it again this November!
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Awesome, that's great!
I loved your tracker last year. Thank you so much for updating them. I love that they're year-round now. :)
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Cheers! Yeah, I figured a year-round one would be useful. :D
Very nice. Thanks!
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You're welcome!
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Thank you!!! ♥
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I won't use any one else's tracker now!

Thank you for this!
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Cool, glad you like it! You're welcome!
Oooh, these are lovely. I've tracked my hours and words on a simple spreadsheet for years, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done and incorporating some new ideas.
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I'm glad you like them! Hope they come in useful. :aww:
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Thank you for being so awesome! I've used your trackers for two years now!
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Haha, you're welcome! Glad they're useful :D
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Thanks so much - inspired to write again!
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Oh awesome, that's brilliant! :D
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hurrah! thanks for updating and posting!
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No problem, hope you enjoy it! :D
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