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Sword of the Jedi



Jaina Solo, ready for action. She's holding her lightsaber and what Wookieepedia told me is a frag grenade.

She's based on this image by `mjranum-stock: [link] - it just screamed "Sword of the Jedi" at me. I changed the weapons and took the high heels off her boots, and gave her proper armour. It's adapted from the armour that the Solo twins wear in the Invasion comics (I mostly used Jacen's, because it looks cooler). The background is just textures and the New Jedi Order symbol.

I hope you like it!



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Note: Don't take this and claim it's yours. If you want to use it anywhere, ask permission, and credit me in some form.

Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm.
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I can't believe Karen Traviss made her beg Boba Fett for help against Darth Caedus.

As if a woman who tore the Vong a new asshole to breathe through needs help from someone who hadn't killed a Sith before.