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Paper Textures

Some paper textures to use in Photoshop, GIMP, or wherever you like. They're just different papers that I scanned and adjusted for my own use, and I thought other people might like them too. They don't give a lot of texture, but they're great for adding a subtle traditional look to digital paintings.

The pack contains five files, all in PNG format. They're all 300dpi, so they're high-resolution and suitable for printing and the like. That's why the file is so big, too.

I have the three vellum textures in an even higher resolution (600dpi), but they made the file too big for DA. If you want any of those, though, just ask and I can send them.

:bulletpurple: Rules: :bulletpurple:
1. No hateful/discriminatory/illegal use.
2. Credit me with a link to my page or this deviation.
3. Commercial use (for prints etc) is generally allowed, but you'll need my express permission for it, so make sure to ask!
4. You may also use these to make new stock, but it must be significantly different from the original. Simply changing the colour or increasing the contrast or laying them over each other doesn't count. Be creative!
5. If you want to use these outside of DeviantART, again, make sure to get permission first. And don't sell or re-upload them somewhere else, because that's illegal.

I'd also love to see what you do with these, so comment or send me a note with a link. Enjoy!
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Thank you for this texture! I used it here:…
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You're very welcome! Nice work as well, I love the colours you used!
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The long hunt is over when i spotted your textured paper, thanks so much.  I am hoping it will work out well for my wine bottle label, the Vellum color texture is i think just right.  My soulmate and I will be making wine this year so fingers are crossed!  When the label is completes i will send it to you if you would like. All the best. 

Dena and Rachel
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Oooh, awesome! That's so cool that you're making your own wine. And I hope the texture works for you. I'd love to see a picture, that'd be great! :D
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asdfghjkl dwgsugfd tahnks a lot for making this! :la:
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You're welcome, hope they come in useful! :D
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Very cool, thanks for sharing! :D
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I`m glad you like it. :)
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I`m gonna use these. :)
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Cool, I'd love to see what you do with 'em! :D
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Thank you, maybe I'll use one if these one day.
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No problem, hope you enjoy them if you do :D
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very helpful, thanx for sharing them =D
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Awesome, I'm glad to hear that!
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