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I've just spent most of today browsing through Deviant Art, and the talent that exists out there never ceases to amaze me.
The variety of styles that populate the pages of DA are just mindblowing, and when you think about it, this is only a small percentage of the total volume of art that exists on this planet.
It makes me think a little about where we have come from and a lot about where we are going.
"Be Generous" says the little icon....indeed. The Internet allows us to share art with people all over the world, educating our minds, opening new pathways, .... and feeding our boredom.

Humans are odd creatures...we need to be entertained...we need something to do...otherwise we get bored.

In The Grand Scheme of Things, what am I worth?......just another drop in the ocean...another grain of sand in the desert...

P.S. Cows moo, cats meow & ducks quack...if only it were that simple.
Sleep...we all need replenishes the brain with much needed chemicals, and regenarates the body, etc.

Circadian rhythms are annoying. I believe that eventually we will evolve to do without them. If not naturally, then artificially.

"You may spend much of your day today, dear Cancer, trying to sort out financial matters..."
hmmm...speaking of finance....
shout is dark outside...

devious deviants deviate from erroneous errors which create creative creations while creating journal entries during the entering of the entry.

ok nuff...more sensible writings at a later time.
currently listening to beborn beton...