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January 13, 2011
Suggester said; "When you think of fish, what is the first phrase that pops to mind? Probably not "Caring father," is it? But that is exactly what this yaw-fish is. This wonderful photograph makes me melt with the cuteness!"

This is definitely a 'need to view full screen' shot!

Daycare by *Svenimal
Featured by Anoya
Suggested by meihua
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Yaw-Fish protecting his babys in his mouth.

February 2008/ Nikon D200/ Nikkor 105mm Mikro
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Whoa what a image!
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Your amazing work is featured here [link] !!!Please :+fav: the article so more people can see it!!!!:love:
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Very rare shot to see, amazing capture.
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This is lovely.
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Not sure if cute or kinda creepy.. Either way an awesome shot of course :)
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I was so excited when I saw those baby fish! They are adorable! How were you able to take this picture? It seems like it would be so difficult.
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Macrolense and really close to the aquarium :)
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Jaw-fish have always been one of my favorite marine fish. The fact that they show parental care just makes it even more so.

Beautiful picture, I love how you captured the eyes of the babies in the mouth.
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Fisshyyy. Ahem, now that I've spazzed, this is an amazing picture. How did you capture this? Incredible!
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Just with my marco in the aquarium :)
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Wow, that's amazing. Shooting through the glass and stil being able to get such an awesome shot...

Great job, really, really wonderful capture ^^
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You've been included in my Wildlife Photography Feature, keep up the great work! :heart:
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