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August 16, 2010
~Svengraph has created a really impressive web design with Officina Digitale v4. The quality of the graphical layout astonished me! Be sure to check also the rest of his gallery.
Featured by Lilyas
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Officina Digitale v4

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awesome navigation use/layout!
Betuwefotograaf's avatar
Congrats and where can i buy this theme.....?
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
link not working :(
chiefy-95's avatar
chiefy-95's avatar
looks amazing really nice colors.
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Proxone's avatar
How did you get a DD for this? It's not really all that great.
prototism's avatar
At least the color scheme is unique.
prototism's avatar
I agree.

It's slick, and really well put together, but it looks really dated, back from the time when the "tech" look was big. When was that? 2005? Earlier?
murderxnumbers's avatar
Ohmygosh, great colours! =D
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calgarc's avatar
give me the website and no one gets hurt... wow i love it so much
Clean design, nice details.
luniara's avatar
WOW! That layout is so smooth to the point where I wish I could brush my hand across it to feel it!
silent-lake's avatar
a very elegant design
whats the size of the HTML version?
Charizard632's avatar
Wow! That looks like a very neat and nice website design!
DerekProspero's avatar
Interesting and unique style. Love the icons at the top. However I would recommend you give your margins and padding a little more room to breathe. The text blocks, especially in the Welcome area, are way too close to the edges.
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