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Daft Punk Helmets v2.0

New set of Daft Punk :horns:
Preview -> [link]

Enjoy !
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I used this for a start button.…

Hope it's okay, I will take it down if it's not.

(Note: Credited you.)
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Como los descargo??
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pure awesome! thanks!
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I used these in a random image for my friend, I hope thats OK. You are credited in the info thing. If you want me to take it off I will-here's a link to where I used it. [link]
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those icons are awsome!:D

can i make some gifs of them for personal use?
keep up the good work:peace:
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Daft Punk is always good!
Thanks a lot ^^ :+fav:
OMG that's just amazing! totally worth a fav+!
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great job. Really nice on the details.
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You're great artwork has been featured in my blog "Ultimate Roundup of Creative Dock Icons"
Check it out here: [link]

Please make sure you tell all your awesome friends :D
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No words. Just awesome.
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I love your Icons man ! :) NICE !
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Wow Guy Man's helemet look very good :peace: Awesome work! I've got some Daft punk's stuff too :peace [link]
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Ostia sei italiano o.O !
Complimentoni per i lavori :)
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Di nulla, continua così perchè le tue icone spaccano :)
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daft punk ftw :)
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Amazing! These look a heck of a lot better than the old ones :D. Great job Svengraph!

You put in such detail in your icons...i wish i had that talent.

hey one thing I'd suggest to be changed, which still hasn't been changed...TB's LED's, they aren't curved looking like they are wrapped around his visor..maybe change that? Looks fine apart from that :)
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You're welcome. Thanks for sharing the link :)
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