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After I created a few paint buckets for a new client, I did this image for fun. I wanted to invest much more time into this, but now the work is waiting. But maybe I will rework this image in future. However, I hope you like it. Thanks for your attention.
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Feb 9, 2010, 2:11:35 AM
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My worst nightmare...
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Will use this with your permission
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For what do you want to use it?
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For a color book if you give permission!
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Ok, you can use it, but if the book is ready, please sent me a link/screenshot. BTw. maybe this image is more interesting for you: Color splash by svenart
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I love this! So many colors!
Hi, i am a web designer and i am currently designing a website for a client who is a decorator, would i be able to use this image on the page. (the image would have to be edited slightly to fit in with the overall look of the page).
I am a Web Designer and am currently creating a website for a client who is a decorator. Would you mind if i used this image on the page?
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would you mind if i painted this?
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no problem... if you have painted it, I would be interested to see:)
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thank you, but it might take me a while i paint slow and have alot of pictures unfinished
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i am obsessed with color.This is amazing.
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I am obsessed with color. this is amazing.
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Loving the colors!
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Thanks for the photo! This is kind of a photo I'd love to take just because people want to see it. Pretty.
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I pretty sure this is a 3D render instead of of a photo, which makes it even more stunning!
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Lol. I haven't been around in a while, forgot Sven did 3D. Anyway I guess my comment wasn't half a compliment then.
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I love those colors! :+fav:
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your work catches me off-guard every time. (this is a good thing.) :-)
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I like the colors. Good job on the paint :)
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