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Medieval Village

By svenart
A new client wanted me to do an image of a medieval village like Wyndebrook with a little lake for a browsergame. The Budget was not very high, but I invested a little bit extra time. Hope you like it, thanks for viewing.

Our new Website:
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Mar 15, 2009, 8:36:20 PM
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This is splendid, you can see a touch of games like stronghold in this, but this is much much better and detailed. Awesome work, how did you make this?
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Thank you, Stronghold2 was indeed one of my favourite games at this time and a big influence. I created all the models and scene and rendering with Lightwave 3d.
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My pleasure, I loved this, it was perfect
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I'm pretty sure this is from a game called stronghold 2 who ever played the game he will know immediately
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Hello. It is not from Stronghold2. But I was inspired by the game wich I played a lot and they also used a few of my older free models in the game.
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Seems like its been a while since anyone commented here, but I'll try my luck.

I've always liked your work, especially the sample villages and towns. Now I'm wondering if it would be possible to get your permission to use one of them, let's say this one, as an illustration in a non-commercial pen&paper adventure.

Would you give me permission? Is that even possible, considering you made it for a client? Of course, I would give proper credit. Please let me know. 
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Thanks for liking my work and your comment :D I will write you a pm in a few moments about the permission to use.
It looks like a screenshot from the Banished (game).

But its great!
DavidKrigbaum's avatar
I love it, I first mistook it for a photograph.
which program did you use to create this wonderful artwork?
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Outstanding work!
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This is great. It reminds me a lot of the village in Ridley's Scott's Robin Hood.
krstovukoje's avatar
This is soo nice!
PendoX's avatar
Omg are these 3d Models? :O
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thank you, yes they are all 3dmodels.
Lillyanna-Windmane's avatar
Wow, amazing!

It looks so real.
LostSoulsArt's avatar
this is amazing !
Tejinashinsen's avatar
I thought the thumbnail was a photo. Glad I peeked at the full picture. Excellent detail.

Man... I'd love to go fishing in that lake. XD
DE22's avatar
The level of detail is INSANELY GREAT!
Great job working on this art work :D
anotalenthack's avatar
For low budget, this has striking detail and artistic form.

Valve is famous for being able to use raw ingenuity to get the most output from the least amount of code, and they produce stuff like this.

Good work!
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i love the detail on the land and buildings great job
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