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Nikon D40 Icon Set

By sveiki
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Includes Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows icons, as well as original PNGs.

[EDIT] Added iPhoto replacement icon.
[EDIT] Added Windows icons.

A set of icons for the Nikon D40 digital SLR camera. I was bored, what can I say...

Included are: Nikon D40 - Back, Nikon D40 - Folder, Nikon D40 - Front, Nikon D40 - iPhoto, Nikon D40 - Left, Nikon D40 - Right, and Nikon D40 - Top.

  • All PNGs are 512x512

  • All Windows icons include sizes up to 256x256 (Vista Compatible)

  • All Mac OS X icons include sizes up to 256x256 & 512x512 (Leopard Compatible)

Note for Mac OS X users:
The OS X icons are actually small apps generated by IconDroplet 1.2, so the icons are swappable using "Get Info" from the Finder menu, but they are also present inside each package as an icns file in the Resources folder.
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How do you use them for mac
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Open up the "Mac OS X" folder in the zip file, and pick the icon you want, right-click on it and select "Get Info". Also select "Get Info" on the folder or whatever you want to use the icon with.

Click on the small icon at the top of the Nikon "get info" box, and copy it (⌘+C). Then click on the small icon in the "get info" box of the other thing and paste it (⌘+V).
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Thanks so much and I love the icons.
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wow. perfectionist.
Just got a D40 recently; thanks for the icons!
How do you download them?
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Thanks! And thanks for the :+fav:!
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Wow, very nice! You're not planning on making an icon for the Olympus E-520 I suppose..? :)
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Probably not. It was a small project for me to have alternative icons for Aperture and iPhoto. I just got a bit carried away.
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Anyhow, there really nicely done and I wish these existed for my camera... You must have put quite some time in them no?
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Thanks a lot for sharing these icons :)
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No prob! I'm glad you find them useful.
Love em, thanks Sveiki. I've spent the last hour looking for decent D40 icons, then I find them back here on deviant. Good job.
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No problem! Thanks for checking them out!
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Well, I'm glad it'll work for you!
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Stupid? Why do you think I made THIS set?

It's a waste of time, I'll grant you that. But not stupid :yawn:.
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awesome work man!! :+fav:
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Thanks, glad you like it!
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love the iphoto icon, it just doesn't make sense to have that plain old point and shoot camera on my iphoto considering the beauty that I have.
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