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I Code With Apple - Stamp

I get annoyed when people who think they are computer-savvy look down on Macs, that they aren't a serious development platform...

I'm doing my Master's degree in Computer Engineering working on automatic pipeline parallelism, and I'm proud to say:

I'm a Mac.


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:iconclapplz: Clap

I code with Visual Studio tools

you code with objective C on macs right?
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I'm doing my third year dissertation is Computer Applications and I too use a Macintosh for all my coding work. AS3, PHP, Java, SQL, C++, KBasic etc.
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I do too but when I bring it onto windows and open it in notepad, notepad throws a fit and deformats the whole thing and it makes me sad. Damn windows.
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Mac and Windows use different formatting for new lines. Mac (and all *nix systems) use LF (line-feed) control character, and Windows uses CR (carriage return) + LF. You have to use an editor on the Mac that can save in the right format for Windows, or use a better editor in Windows. Try Crimson Editor or Programmer's Notepad for Windows.
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Great work, I just love this stamp! :D
I made one based on it: "I Code With Ubuntu"
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good for you m by the way me too ;)
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