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The Beginning - Alycia+Cayvyn by stayka
Acy for Stayka by Dido-Antares
Alycia + Cayvyn

Mature Content

Kiriban prize for Stayka by Demon-Spirit
Acy for Stayka by Dido-Antares
Blackfire and Infinity
Kiriban - Blackfire + Infinity by Marynchan
Karilla and Ryko by StormFedeR
Defense of the ship by Dido-Antares
An Infinity burning Blackfire by Demon-Spirit
Nardia, Alan and Coryn
Starlight - Coryn Arvhayn by ShavanaRhea
Stardust, Firestar and Starlight
Stardust V.2 by ShavanaRhea
Other Characters
Autumn 2009 SvB Contest Entries
Dreaming of you by Milosflaca
Defense of the ship by Dido-Antares
Acy and Cay by Mami02
Alicia and Cayvyn by StormFedeR
SvB Covers
SvB Cover Vol.1 New by stayka
SvB Cover Vol.2 New by stayka
Character References
Char Reference Acy aka Karylla by stayka
Char Reference Cayvyn aka Ryko by stayka
SvB WP Two Sides by stayka
Sketches and Lines
Alycia and Cayvyn Lineart by animemangakuryujiru
Well, as I recently mostly ask people to draw my characters when I win kiribans or such stuff, and I like to give people some suggestions so that they can choose something, I thought I should re-post the stuff I wrote for my SvB Contest last winter, so that I can simply link to this blog entry if someone asks what to draw.

If Shavana puts together some current info about her characters, it should go into this (or a new) Blog entry, too.

Acy and Cay are characters from the SF action-adventure series Stardust vs Blackfire which was created by ShavanaRhea and me.

For the picture that already exist, check the gallery of SvB-Universe here or my SvB Gallery in my account: Here you can see more reference pictures and read a little about the characters - the descriptions of the pictures should have quite some information about the characters and their personalities.

Interview with the characters:…

If you show them as Acy+Cay (that is in their flamboyant colourful outfits), they mostly show up as elegant couple, although they also fight a lot. Sometimes (when Cay is fed up with Acy's behaviour), he actually throws her over the shoulder and carries her away - something Acy doesn't find too amusing at all.

If they show up at Blade Manor, the luxurious mansion of Acy's sister Nardia, they can be often found around the buffet (that is, Cay is - Acy is mostly put on diet and is only allowed salad and other boring veggie stuff what she doesn't like at all). You could also show them in the garden of the manor (just imagine a kind of park, a small pond in it, a rose garden and a lot of tidy lawn). The planet Tarishaan where Blade Manor is located, has normal  blue sky, a yellow sun and two moons.

You could also show them on the planet Naravina (light green sky, deep green oceans, golden sun, green vegetation with lots of colourful flowers), where you find mostly medieval style castle-buildings and people who wear somewhat medieval aristocratic style outfits.

If you want to draw them on the Villa Alycia (a space station orbiting the planet Tarishaan), you can check the finished pics of mine as reference - most important rooms in the Villa have huge window sized monitors that show a spectacular view of Tarishaan or the surrounding space.

When Acy and Cay are sure that no one will drop by for a visit, then Acy usually runs around without her wig (thus with white-blonde hair, mostly in a braid or ponytail) and wears comfortable clothing that is often stained with paint or other stuff from her painting or when she works in her engineering lab. Cay mostly wears black or grey coveralls with lots of pockets for his tools and he usually has his copper-red-gold hair in a ponytail so that it doesn't get in the way while he works on his research or modifying his and Acy's spaceships.

As Blackfire and Infinity they mostly wear the silver and black outfits that you can see on the pictures, but sometimes also all-black outfits (mostly coveralls). In that guise, they can be shown on strange planets, in wild fights with both police and criminals, in space ships, laboratories, computer centers and general in science-fiction environments.
More Journal Entries

Stardust vs. Blackfire

Stardust vs Blackfire is an over the top science-fiction action-adventure series that doesn't take itself too serious. It is set in an original universe created by
:iconshavanarhea: and :iconstayka:

Stayka's main characters in the story are Alycia Blade aka Karylla Noir (Blackfire) and Sir Cayvyn aka Ryko Maiell (Infinity).

Shavana's main characters are Nardia Blade aka Jana Star (Stardust), Coryn Arvhayn (Starlight) and Alan Dale / Sir Alayn (the new Firestar).

Interview with Acy, Cay & Co.:…
Interview with Nardia, Alan & Coryn:…
SvB Homepage:

Alycia Cherylla Khyshisall-Blade is a self-styled abstract performing action artist who always runs around in infernally neon coloured outfits, while Sir Cayvyn of Southern Ayryana is the heir-apparent of the Duchy of Southern Ayryana of the planet Allirion IV/Naravina. In reality, Cayvyn is an android who was built by Acy according to the plans her father Tyron Star (the original Firestar) left her as his legacy. (Acy inherited her father's aptitude for science and engineering, and when Tyron realised that, he left her his scientific legacy after his death).

When Acy built Cay, she designed him to be just perfect, which led to the fact that she hopelessly fell in love with him. Cayvyn seems to return her feelings, but who knows - maybe he just wants to keep her around as she is the only person in the FGS who knows about android design nowadays and who could repair him if need be. (Due to some events some hundred years in the past, androids that can be taken for humans are outlawed in the FGS, so there is no one around who knows how to build and/or repair them anymore. If they were found out, Cay and the others would be immediately deactivated and disassembled.)

As Blackfire and Infinity, they are a wild mixture between vigilantes, space pirates and interstellar Robin Hood types who are chased by the police, Stardust, and the killers of several crime organisations they decided to take on.

Nardia Ashni Blade is the incredibly rich owner of the mega company Blade Enterprises which she inherited as she was the only child of Jeremy's who was born in wedlock. To make sure she could defend herself from any bad guys who might kidnap her, Nardia was trained in all martial arts. As she normally has to pose as High Society lady, she decided to take up a somewhat more thrilling secret identity as the vigilante Jana Star (Stardust) after she first read about Blackfire and her exploits (Nad was very upset that Blackfire claimed to be Firestar's daughter and always made the headlines in the news).

Even though they are opponents, both Blackfire and Stardust try to hunt down the new Firestar (Alan Dale) who showed up out of nowhere as they are both daughters of the original Firestar (Tyron Star) and they want to find out who has the audacity to take up the Firestar identity about 17 years after the real Firestar's death.

Alan Dale is in fact the first android who was originally built by Tyron Star and as he was the prototype, his operating system and technology were not as well engineered as the second model, Coryn, whom Tyron built short before his death and Cayvyn who was built by Acy and who got some extras she invented herself (like nano particles in his skin, hair and eyes that allow him to change his colouring at will and a modified operating system without the bugs that were still apparent in Alan (but also without a couple of subroutines that Acy deemed inappropriate, like Alan's inclination to womanizing and some other things along that venue)).

Important side-characters:

Coryn Arvhayn (Starlight) - He is Nardia's and Acy's half-brother who was raised at the planet Dunnlorn. He works for the ISPC (the Interstellar Society of Protection and Crime-fighting) and gets along very nicely with Infinity, but not at all with Blackfire. In fact, he was the second android that was created by Tyron Star just before his death. He was only activated when Nardia learned about her father's legacy to her and she got curious and switched him on in the secret lab.

Shentay - a Naravino who originally worked for Acy as servant at the Villa Alycia and can be considered the white sheep in the family as he would never do anything against the law. In truth he is an android created by Acy and Cayvyn and he considers Cay as his father. Shentay's programming was heavily modified by Cayvyn who deleted everything he deemed inappropriate (Cay doesn't really like to have rivals around ^^).

Myriella - a Naravina who either works as servant for Acy at the Villa Alycia or poses as Blackfire so that people can see Acy and Blackfire together and thus won't get suspicious that they are the same person. Myriella is the only female android and she was created by Acy and Cay. Acy made sure to insert a couple of directives in her programming that she wouldn't dare to make any moves towards Cayvyn. After all, Acy doesn't exactly like to have rivals around either.

Cavary syn Taiyou - an experimental android that Acy built, who is able not only to change hir appearance, but also hir gender, thus Cava has some problems with hir gender identity.

Jeremy Blade / Tyron Star (the original Firestar) - born as the son of a very wealthy family (his parents owned the mega company Blade Enterprises), he got bored by the high society life and decided to become an adventurer. With his natural gift for science and engineering, he invented quite a lot of gadgets (fortunately he never had a problem to finance his experiments) and decided to take up a secret identity to basically do what he felt like doing - that is saving the weak (especially beautiful women), punishing the bad and just flying through the FGS in search for adventures. When he got mortally ill, he left his scientific legacy and his orbital villa around Tarishaan to his daughter Alycia (whom he had with Marycia Enylla Khyshisall, an Enaryshan thief and vaudeville performer) and his company and most of his wealth to his other daughter Nardia (whom he had with Tarishaan socialite Eloise LaFlame who managed to force him to marry her).



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