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My rendition of the now extinct pelican, Pelagornis.
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Heytomemeimhome's avatar
I almost thought it was a photograph, great job!
vasix's avatar
I love the brown pelican vibe in this rendition of Pelagornis 
ScaledOne's avatar
Crocoducks are REAL ! REAL ! :O
Clawedfrog's avatar
That's no pelican...
ChrisMasna's avatar
amazing...can't say much more :)
Svartluder's avatar
Thank you very much :).
SporemasterHIMPO's avatar
Holy mother fucking shit! Pardon my language but daaaamn! The realism, the everything!!! And also this guy was one the most badass birds that ever lived!
Svartluder's avatar
Haha, thanks man xD. And indeed :).
Leaubellon's avatar
Impressive work! You really bring it back to life.
Svartluder's avatar
Thanks :). Although the life-like poses of your work really puts mine to shame :P. Time to do some practice. 
Kevcatalan's avatar
This is incredible! Im really admiring how you rendered the beak and face scales! Great piece
Svartluder's avatar
Thanks. You can check it out in better detail here ;).
Kevcatalan's avatar
I'm really likeing your website!
if you dont mind me asking, did you use an photo textures on the painting itself? Or is it all hand painted?
Svartluder's avatar
I do use some custom brushes, most of them I made myself, but that's mostly for the ground work. And ofcourse I use a few that's just random spots and so forth to give variation to skin and such. I do however noodle a lot of it in with just a standard brush :)
Kevcatalan's avatar
how interesting! then you've done a good job using your texture brushes effectively. This easily my favorite reconstruction of Pelagornis
Svartluder's avatar
Thanks again man :). I think I'm going to do some more birds when my current 3D stuff is done.
Kevcatalan's avatar
I look forward to it!
Svartluder's avatar
Says it in the description on the stuff ^^. I used no photo-textures. I rarely do nowadays. Creating textures and layering detail is probably what I enjoy the most with painting :p
PaleoAeolos's avatar
Well done... too pelican-like... but looks great
Svartluder's avatar
Well, that's what I went for ;)
elfik-traktor's avatar
It looks so terrible, pelagornis never though that this bird could look scary
PeteriDish's avatar
are you trying to tell me pelicans had teeth in the past? XD
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