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Understanding Jaegerhund Anatomy

A quick and simple guide, as explained by our resident genius, Armin!

I noticed a lot of people were having a hard time figuring out the correct body-type for their Jaegerhund. They were either too stocky or too thin. 
So, I compiled a few real-life comparisons of similar breeds to show the correct structure of the breed.

Breeds best compared to Jaegerhund:
:bulletgreen:Brittany Spaniel
:bulletgreen: Rhodesian Ridgeback
:bulletgreen: Dalmatian
:bulletgreen:Border Collie mix
:bulletgreen:Some retriever mixes
:bulletgreen:Some Lurchers

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to comment or send me a note!

Visit the breed group for more resources: :iconjaegerhund:Jaegerhund 
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RainsweptFlowersK's avatar
"umm.... No, we're not labradors"

I can relate because my friend thinks that Goldens and Labs are the same breed xc
I have two labs and one golden pup :U
Waikku's avatar
I can feel you, we have a Golden Retriever female and one of my friends though she is long-haired Labrador Òó
Like how to hell.
xMush-Kennelsx's avatar
Awwwh~ <333
Jaegers remind me of my pup, Diamond. xD She's got those awkward horse legs right now, LOL
SvalbardRanch's avatar
Yesssss I can totally see that x)
And the teenage temprament too haha <3
xMush-Kennelsx's avatar
Yesss, haha. xD The only difference is now she's going into that teenage rebellion mode. Nothing I can't handle, though. ;D
T-Rex-Kennel's avatar
you're adorable Armin
xAcorn's avatar
Aww! Those babies! <3
North-Front's avatar
Why thank you Armin! You little genius. 
Ad thank you Dan for being so freakin' helpful as usual. c:
Litleocub0722's avatar
Aww Armin is such a genius. X3 And adorable! XD
Acates-Kennel's avatar
You best be making a bunch of imports ;-; 
Getting a jaeger to draw and doodle would help a lot to get my mind off.. a lot of things. 
Haatch's avatar
Very helpful! Thank you :3
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