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Fear and Loathing



Mario and Luigi, Fear and loathing in the mushroom kingdom.

Started in painter, finished in photoshop. Had a terrible time with line quality, tried to get them as clean as possible. Each time I've released a new version of this I realize something slips through, like a miscolored cloud or something along those lines. I'm not terribly pleased with the background, but I don't want to keep working on this. This image is somewhat wallpaper sized, bigger than the previous version most commonly seen at the *chans and various gamer boards, and the quality is higher. I changed the signature between the two versions, the previous had an E Donovan near the hood of the car, but then i realized there was no way to google that and actually go somewhere that has the pic, so i removed that and added my deviantart page.
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I ain't gonna lie, I love this. This=perfection.