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Tranquil Valley: Moon Charm and Silver Serpent by SuzuriHeinze Tranquil Valley: Moon Charm and Silver Serpent by SuzuriHeinze
First things first, I have to credit Hasbro because they own MLP and a lovely pony artist by the name of PoIkaHorse . This fellow Cheese Sammich x Pinkie Pie shipper makes a lot of bases, and that's what I based this drawing on.

Onto what's going on here!

"Tranquil Valley" is my MLP fanfic. One of the main characters is Moon Charm. If you follow me, you've seen plenty art of her. Anyway, she's on a quest to find the Crown of Tranquility. The crown only can be worn by one who shows the true essence of tranquility, and they will have powers of the magic within the valley (which is important to all of Equestria - as it is the most fertile land in the world). With the crown gone, the valley is facing a drought, and thus, many ponies are starving. Along comes a Draconiquis to thwart our unicorn and her party. He wants the crown for himself... and if he can tease Moon Charm doing it, then he'll do that, too. 

Yes, I believe that Discord is not the only Draconiquis. I believe there's a whole race of them, but they exist way beyond the borders of Equestria. A few have come across the borders and have mucked up the place, obviously. A lot of them were scared to come when Discord was turned to stone. They feared the Elements of Harmony.
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September 19, 2014
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