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Wave's SFX Tutorial

By suzuran
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finally!! Here's my SFX tutorial :) Sorry for the long wait guys, I hope that when you flip through it you can see why it took me so long to get this out!

(oh dear please ignore my crummy animation in the beginning T_T;;;)

Hopefully it's helpful :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask more than once! Sometimes when I just read through stuff and I'm tired, I forget to respond!

Click here to see the final image that I used for the tutorial! [link]

Click here to download the Source File! [link]


ee, a DD, thanks so much :icontakesu: and :iconfantasystock: , and thanks everyone for your support ;___; :hug:
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Thanks! this totally helped me out with my SFX problem I've been having with my drawing.
C-Y-H-M's avatar
thanks broo 
helped me a lot, I hope you make more tutorials on many other effects beforehand thankss
Vkftw's avatar
You had so much to do just to help others >w< Your're really ... really REALLY nice RenoDesperate for Mother 
suzuran's avatar
:) glad you liked it!
scorpiolibra's avatar
Anidemy's avatar
Awesome!!!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!
Zakoloid's avatar
Very nice tutorial! I went ahead and used it, here is my result if you'd like to see! :iconfluttershysqueeplz:
Crystal-Anime's avatar
This tutorial is amazing. The picture you made really sparkles :iconiloveitplz: I can tell you put A LOT of work into it. I'm more of a beginner to graphic designing. Your tutorials have made it a lot easier for me. Especially with my Photoshop CS program. The one I use most is Manga Studio EX 4.0, though. But it helps with that one too :meow: It is very well explained at every step. Thank you for making this ^^
reikohattori's avatar
i've been looking for a tutorial on this for a really looooong time.
thanks so much!
treegarchie's avatar
This tutorial borders perfection. As do all of your tutorials, they are so precise, easy to use even without a tablet.
Thank you so much for this.
suzuran's avatar
you're welcome :) But i should thank you for reading :D :D :D!! :huggles: :)
Kudeth's avatar
cookiegirl14's avatar
nice work on the art and tuts!
reverielly's avatar
i clicked coz i saw sora owo
TBPow's avatar
Wow, these tutorials are amazing! I already know that I'm going to improve a lot after studying them!
Linkseternaltwilight's avatar
Suzuran, you are so awesome. Thank you so so much for these tutorials! I've literally searched and scoured the web for some of the best tutorials, and most of them are either A.) You have to pay for them or B.) They're free but they don't go in depth about certain terms, which makes the tutorial harder to follow and leaves you with more questions then answers.

If there is anything I can do for you, please don't bother to come by my page. I know I may not be much of help since I am a beginner, but, you have helped me oh so much! Thank you!
suzuran's avatar
Thank you for the comment Link! :) :) You're so very welcome for the tutorials! I really believe strongly in free art education so I do what I can to provide :D!!

And it's okay! No worries :) I'm just very glad you enjoyed them and found them useful! :D
michiyoetandrea's avatar
very helpfull! I like it :D
suzuran's avatar
:D :D thank you!! :hug:
SailorHeartSailorLov's avatar
wow that was a lot to go through but it was worth it thank you so much for this tutorial
suzuran's avatar
You're welcome! :D I like to try to make my tutorials like free mini books :)!
heaven9959's avatar
It's very helpful for me, Thank you!! ;D
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