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Ultimate Meowvel vs Catcom 3

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You guys asked for Ultimate Meowvel cats, you got it!! :)

A lot of people told me that they liked the way the cats currently looked so I just kept the old ones the way they were!

I fixed up a few of the older cats that bugged me a little bit, and responses to some of the harder to identify cats :) Thanks for all your feedback, favs, comments for this pic, I love you all :huggle: :huggle: :huggle:


omg omg! featured:

capcom unity:……
agent_M's blog:…

and more!!

thank you so much for the features, i really appreciate it and I Hope you guys all check out Chi's Sweet Home and Marvel vs Capcom 3!!!!

if you want a wallpaper version please just note me with the Size, and your email! :)

p.s. i'm hiding people's emails if you post them in comments! so you guys don't get random spam ^^

EDIT: Added Galacat (at :iconseetherfan2:'s suggestion!), Jillcat, ShumaGorcat and made it bigger so you guys can take them for whatever you want :)


... yeaaaaah. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME. XD

in Honor of Chi's Sweet home, which is a beautiful wonderful Cat Manga by Konami Kanata, here's MEOWVEL vs CATCOM 3! :)

Which 3 cats will YOU take home? :D


Meowvel's Avengers by suzuranDear Catcom--err Capcom by suzuran:thumb252463890::thumb266612595:
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I immediately spotted some familiar faces.

Particularly Vergil, Dante, Nemesis-T Type, Firebrand, Felicia, Hsien-Ko, Spider-Man, Dormammu and Ghost Rider.

amstaffyoshi's avatar
Amazing! Do you sell prints?
Haruka-rugi's avatar
I'll take the Zero cat, becaue, being Zero, he is awesome! the Okami, and probably the spider cat.
Really nice work
Nefariousvillain666's avatar
Awww, funny how there is an actual captain americat
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
:iconviewtifuljoeplz: OH MY GOD IM ADORABLE!!!!
:icondeadpoolplz: ME TWO! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Death-Dealer123's avatar
OMG Hawkeye kitty soo CUTE
meikotheshinyturtwig's avatar
Nemeses cat has no pupils in his eyes and its really creepy. But there still cute XD
MsJiggly93's avatar
If i had to choose 3 of them then:

1. The Cyclops one, (they are awesome)
2. The Amaterasu kitty, (Okami's amazing)
3. The Spiderman kitty also know by me as Spiderkitty. :D

Also 1 more thing: They are sooooo adorable!!! (Like every one of your kitties.) :love:
Just wanted to throw that out. :D
I love this, although I wish She Hulkitty was a little bigger, being a Hulk and all.
Chibiterasu700's avatar
Im taking ammy home
suzuran's avatar
Aweee! X3 Haha ok :) :gives you ammy!: :D
Chibiterasu700's avatar
YAY come on ammy
Ammy:wtf at least I got some love <3
ShinyMasterMiltank's avatar
I love them all i will conqourer all the kittys ^_^
suzuran's avatar
Lol!! XD  Be careful... some of them are quite a handful O_O
sonicexpertfan10's avatar
I love the Phoenix Wright cat.  I'm taking him home. XD
suzuran's avatar

er... ... Okay! But be warned, he says that a lot O___O;;; 
sonicexpertfan10's avatar
XD I think I can deal with it. :3
Cosmic-Eevee's avatar
ICEALPHA's avatar
deadpool and zero are so cute
I will take the strider one
Ghost Kitty is really cute with his ball of chain :D
Who's that cat on Doom's other side?
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