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Supurr Smash Cats

Happy SuPurr Smash Cats day! 

Other Cat Parodies: 
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Too bad the DLC characters are not there.
The R.O.B. cat is definitely the best!
NEVERMIND I just saw the Kirby one ^_^
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omg the Luigi one XD
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Daww so cute! mega kitty too.^^

Little cat looks like cait sith.
Adlinsnake7's avatar
NekoROB is abusively cute :3
yoshizuyuner's avatar
falco one wired looking cat lool
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Amazingly cute! I was immediately sure I wanted to buy this one when I saw it at Anime Boston's Artist's Alley! I love the concept, I love the execution, and I love the cats! So cute! :aww: 

I just have one question though... The one I got at the convention seems to have the characters laid out a bit differently than they are here. Is there a reason for that? It's fine even if you don't answer though, I just thought I might as well mention it since I was already commenting. 

I kind of wish I could see what some of the DLC characters would've looked like though. Especially Bayonetta and Corrin. 
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thank you!! :)  You're making sure that they're not fighting each other? ;) 

Oh!  If you got the small size it's because I had to move them around more to fit the page better, that way I wouldn't have to add borders around the art and make it smaller :)  Unfortunately none of my small/large/supurr size pics scale perfectly haha XD 

and eep!!!! did you manage to see the little keychain sheet with the DLC characters on the table? w@;;; I should really make them bigger! haha.  I didn't have them as part of the print but they were keychainable, as much as cats would like being trapped in a little keychain container ;)  

thank you again for your support!!! :hug: :hug: 
Poke-Poet4's avatar
Cats will always fight no matter what. Besides, some of them have swords, so it's pretty inevitable. XD

I figured as much, but its always good to get confirmation. 

I wish I had payed more attention. DX Do you by any chance have a picture with them in it in your gallery? Even just seeing them is good enough. If not, that's okay. This wouldn't be the first time I had missed out on getting DLC after all. 

No problem. I'm glad I could offer my support. :)

By the way, my favorite cat on the poster is Robin. 
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Little Mac is Cait Sith!
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But Jigglypuff is already a cat!
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These are so cute!
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Hey, I recognize this! I bought a copy of this at the Zenkaikon convention in Lancaster PA. You wouldn't happen to be the artist, would you?
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I am the artist!! :)  Thank you so much for purchasing a print!! :D :D I love Zenkaikon too, it was my first time there this year and I hope I can go back next year!!! >w< 
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That's so cool! I'll make sure to stop by your stand again next year if you go :D
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I love Greninja and ROB!!
ToastObsessedShyGuy's avatar
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Lawlz are strong.
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just soo awesome!!
Nice job!^^
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