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Pokemon X One Piece

@__@ I actually finished drawing this last year, but I didn't get around to coloring it until now...

I don't know what the heck I was thinking when I was drawing it, but I was really inspired by Pokemon Conquest, so I mixed everything, all the generations (sans X and Y), Pre and Post Timeskip one piece, samurai outfits with the regular one piece outfits. XD

I hope it's ok XD;;

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it be fun if this happen in fanfic

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Gotta Catch 'Em All. :D
CrazedFloof's avatar
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powerfully awesome~
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This is amazing. XDDD
MadetGheist's avatar
This is so beautiful
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Isn't hitmonlee more of type for Sanji?
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yes! :) But I tried to have a good mix of the 6 generations so I didn't want the picture to lean too far to Gen 1! 
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This is just my opinion, but I always thought that Gallade would be the pokemon for Zoro.
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I agree! :) :highfive: Zoro needs a whole team of samurai-blade wielding pokemon!  I would figure: Gallade, Samurott (though personally i just love how Dewott looks more XD ), Scizor or Scyther, Doublade (cause Zoro doesn't use Shields w@), Deoxys and maybe Bisharp XD 

I just tried to match up a good mix of gen 1-6 and inbetweens for this particular pic :D
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The current choices are quite accurate and fit him very well, though. I wouldn't have been able to think of any others.
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This art is beautiful and awesome too.
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I would thought sanji's pokemon would of been hitmonlee
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i thought about that! but then I wanted a good split across all the generations, so there wouldn't be too many of Gen1, Gen2 etc XD 
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looks amazing... I don't know much about Pokemon but this amuses me
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Beautiful work !Love 
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:D thank you!! I'm glad you like it >w< 
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Bought this at a con last year XD one of my favorites. I think AnimeNext?
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I see what u did  with law and that cubchoo
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Cool and creative---- zoro's earrings :(
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LOL! The original gameboy that luffy and shanks are playing with really brought back some nostalgic feelings. Awesome piece.
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I found your fanart in mangafox too pal, this one is good!

but why usopp paired with wobbuffet? i think blastoise is suits him since both using range weapon(although blastoise is attached on his shells lol)
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