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One Piece Adventures in Space

I love One Piece. So much. It's a life changing series for me.

That being said, I love how Oda-san draws all the characters, so many times, so creatively, doing so many different things for his artbooks.

So this is a tribute piece to One Piece, mixing it with a Super Robot theme and all my love for tech and robots.

tools: PSCS5, SAI, blood and pain T_T

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Space arc ? More like great one piece arc

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Aw yeah, Space Pirates! :D
blackgeno's avatar
Oh it be so awesome if their next adventure does take place in space. :) by the way can you do a one piece X dream land from kirby?
TheGreenSamurai's avatar
TeslaTitanicX's avatar
Dat headphone girl there?
Zach-Rider's avatar
Kasuko sentie
Brostarkreality's avatar
If this could really happen in One Piece than Luffy would be freaking out XD
DeathshadowX2015's avatar
I think some part of which anime it is for my opinion on this art.

1. Gurren laggan
2. Gundam
3. Eureka 7
Or some other mecha anime?
megamaster135's avatar
Would this make Shanks like to Qui-Gon Jinn?
I have no idea what this is about, but it is still awesome
AleckTheNarutoFan9's avatar
I would certainly like that idea.
SourShockX's avatar
This is so fantastic!
you plan on doing more?
suzuran's avatar
Yep! :) If you see the comments section for this picture, there's a whole bunch of One Piece crossovers! :D
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I like this so much I made my desktop :)
Evelyn9833's avatar
Luffy looks just like Hiro from the movie Big Hero 6, don't you think?
SUSHIFREAK101's avatar
where's Baymax when u need him? XD  

and yes, he does look like Hiro
Evelyn9833's avatar
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Why can't this be an actual thing?!?!?!
Varjo-Kettu's avatar
This is so amazing.
i do remember reading somewhere that Oda wanted to make a mecha serie after one piece. that would be awsome if it look like this ^^
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