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UPDATE: + Sombra and Orisa! :)  
UPDATE: I added Ana XD

c'mooon, you guys had to know this was coming :) 

Poster version here!…

Ultimate Meowvel vs Catcom 3 by suzuran Supurr Smash Cats by suzuran Fur Meowtal Alchemist by suzuran Kingdom Kitties by suzuran
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I got this poster at AX a few years back. I love itttt. I hope you update the heroes one day. =)

I love this image! (All your cats images actually!) Would I be able to get your permission to print this onto deskmat for myself? It's be for purrsonal use of course! I'm widely known in my friend circle as the "cat lady who plays Overwatch" so this would be Purfect for me to have. I could also commission it through you directly if you like. Do you have designs for Moira and Brigette? (I know it might be too early to ask as they were released recently but figured it's worth an ask!) Edit- Just saw the Doompaw via Twitter! 
can you update the pic with doomfiest and update the heros to the looks from the overwatch with cats videos
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I didn't make the Overwatch with Cats video so it wouldn't make sense for me to change the designs to those looks :)  

I will update the doomfist one sometime though!!  :)
Needs Doompaw. :)
Zenyatta will be useless, he would spend the whole match swiping at his orbs.
Sombra would be the same with her lights and pixels.
Oh this is too adorable, favourite... :)
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:lmao: gotta luv kitties! :D
Some rodents are there to.
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0.o I think I missed that one! 
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D,aww! Cute little reapfeild there!
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I want to lose my eyes
What the hell is wrong with you? Grow a brain. They are overwatch characters as cats, how does that mean that the artist is a furry? And besides, WHY WOULD YOU WANT SOMEONE TO KILL THEMSELF? You should be ashamed. Yes, furries are weird, but they're still people. At least if you're going to say something like that, don't do it under the veil of anonymity. Go outside and yell to the world, "I THINK ALL FURRIES NEED TO DIE AND SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES!!!" Then see how people feel about you.
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i know this is a couple months later but thank you for being a kind person who stands up for people on the interwebs! :) i didn't notice this troll comment until someone pointed it out to me but it made me happy to see your comment :hug:  
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I thought Winston wouldn't change...
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Can't breathe! Can't Breathe 
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(Why I can't download this! =( )
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Time to sell overwatch
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Junkcat though look at his face
He's totally gonna blow up our houses! XD 
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