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Meowvel's Avengers Assemble!

I did this piece for CatPrint's artist of the month thingy :)  I wish I could take SpideyCat and turn him into a plush XD 

You can get prints of it at my store :D     


Meowvel's Avengers by suzuran Ultimate Meowvel vs Catcom 3 by suzuran
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Wolverine's like "I've been achin' fer a good scrap!"

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I want a kitty deadpool
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amazing coloring!
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... how did I never see that?!
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This is utterly adorable, I love the designs!
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Was quite surprised to find this included in my order. Do they charge you?
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:D Yay! I hope you liked it! :)  They didn't charge me, but it's part of the artist of the month promotion program for Catprint! :D 
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This is too awesome :)
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This just might be... the best art of 2015 :) 
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Wave you need to visit and come play with our four cats 8D
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It's so cute I'm gonna die!
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Why can't you? Just hire someone to make one for you and... oh, wait, you mean to sell, right? Well, same question, why can't you?
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OMG SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!X3 Emote :eeeee: 
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Omg so cute  Adorable... *drools*
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...I like the Thor kitty
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Freakin' adorable!
Adorableness overload... Cannot resist... ABORT VIEWING! I REPEAT, ALL HANDS ABORT VIEWING!

Just messing with ya, but I must say that this cats are about the epitome of adorable.
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Now if only Sony and Fox would give up the rights then the avengers can be whole and proper.
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This is great for using for wallpaper ^^
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I wish you could plushify Spidey-Cat as well, cause I'd totally buy it!!! :D
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Kitty army once again :) I love it. Each time you post one I feel sad I lost my Kenshin kitties.
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