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Marvel Megas



(hit download to see it larger!)

Please if you want to turn these into Perle Beads and sell them, at least let me know.

Featured on Kotaku : [link]
Capcom Unity: [link]
And Comics alliance! : [link]

... and many other places. Thank you for all the features!!! :huggle:


um... lol, this was just something fun I did with my work buddies. I think it started with what would happen if Megaman had Spider-Man's powers.

I liked the idea so I just started making Megaman shoot a webshooter... Coworkers loved it so much that they asked for more powers, and it eventually turned into me just turning everyone into 8-Bit sprites.

Yeah yeah, it's been done a billion times and I'm a crappy sprite artist but just showing you guys and maybe you'll get a laugh or smile out of it :)

Can you name them all!?!?!

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I-... I love everyone here! I would love to see everyone get the Mega Man powered up treatment one by one. And when I mean the Powered Up treatment, as I mean this chibi style:

Tundra (POWERED UP!)

This style. I could see everyone in a unique pose, but still always in a happy style way. 1 that I would love to see starting off would be obviously spider man, and then move on to everyone else, with finishing off by the X men. And of course, best for last being my favorite of all: