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Marvel Megas
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Published: August 6, 2010
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(hit download to see it larger!)

Please if you want to turn these into Perle Beads and sell them, at least let me know.

Featured on Kotaku : [link]
Capcom Unity: [link]
And Comics alliance! : [link]

... and many other places. Thank you for all the features!!! :huggle:


um... lol, this was just something fun I did with my work buddies. I think it started with what would happen if Megaman had Spider-Man's powers.

I liked the idea so I just started making Megaman shoot a webshooter... Coworkers loved it so much that they asked for more powers, and it eventually turned into me just turning everyone into 8-Bit sprites.

Yeah yeah, it's been done a billion times and I'm a crappy sprite artist but just showing you guys and maybe you'll get a laugh or smile out of it :)

Can you name them all!?!?!

Sprite bases: (
Characters all (c) Marvel
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SuperMarioMaster170Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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hmm... Yep, my life is now complete.

Thanks for sharing this little gem
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I don't plan on selling these sprites, but I am planning on making them with perler beads.
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EHXKORProfessional General Artist
so cute :3
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Painbooster1Hobbyist Artist
vsause bough me here
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127thlegionHobbyist Digital Artist
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rooooooooooHobbyist Artist
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suzuranProfessional Digital Artist
YEAAH X-MAN :D :D :highfive:
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I'm not sure if anyone said this already, but Daredevil is from DC Comics, not Marvel.
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suzuranProfessional Digital Artist
lol, it's very Marvel :) I've done work on the Daredevil books before XD trust me :)
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sorry, always thought he was from DC
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suzuranProfessional Digital Artist
haha NP! There's so many characters that are parodies of each other and everything so I can see how it can get confusing XD
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I think the villains are a little outnumbered lol.
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suzuranProfessional Digital Artist
maaaybe! although sometimes the the whole team of good guys fight one villain for like 20 issues ;D
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These are awesome! Disappointed by the lack of Moon Knight and Man-Thing, though. Ah, well. Can't have everything, right?
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suzuranProfessional Digital Artist
haha! I wish I could fit all 1000+ characters :)
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Leonidas666Hobbyist Digital Artist
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No Moon Knight? I am disappoint. Lol just kidding. Nice work!
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mYverTI0NHobbyist General Artist
wow, a lot!
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this is MY assumption:

Sunspot, Storm, Nightcrawler, -, Professor X, -, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Havok, -, Shadowkitty, Colossus, x23, -, Emma Frost, Nick Fury?, Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic, Silver Surfer, -, Jean Grey?, -, -, Deadpool, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, Quicksilver, -, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, -, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America, Spiderman, -, -, Magneto, Apocalypse, -, Omega Red, Dr Octopus, Mojo, Venom

X-Men FTW!!
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suzuranProfessional Digital Artist
Yay!! You got most of them :D :D Here's the dashes :)

- Nate Grey (X-Man)
- Psylocke
- Not Havok but LongShot :)
- Surge from New X-Men :D
- Namor
- Nick Fury? -- > Cable!
- Punisher
- Jean Grey? --> Black Widow
- Machine Man ( THe purple one)
- Ghost Rider
- Hank Pym
- Dr Strange (blue one flying)
- Hercules ( Next to Hank Pym)
- Sentry (flying yellow)
- Iron Fist (Next to Hercules)
- Daredevil
- Spider-Woman (Above Daredevil)
- Luke Cage (To the right of Daredevil)
- War Machine (Above Quicksilver)
- Hawkeye (next to Iron Man)
- Green Goblin (Across from Spidey)
- Rhino (Next to Green Goblin)
- Modok (Above Apoc) :)
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Awesome thanx

I love X-men :DD
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