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Marvel Megas

By suzuran
(hit download to see it larger!)

Please if you want to turn these into Perle Beads and sell them, at least let me know.

Featured on Kotaku : [link]
Capcom Unity: [link]
And Comics alliance! : [link]

... and many other places. Thank you for all the features!!! :huggle:


um... lol, this was just something fun I did with my work buddies. I think it started with what would happen if Megaman had Spider-Man's powers.

I liked the idea so I just started making Megaman shoot a webshooter... Coworkers loved it so much that they asked for more powers, and it eventually turned into me just turning everyone into 8-Bit sprites.

Yeah yeah, it's been done a billion times and I'm a crappy sprite artist but just showing you guys and maybe you'll get a laugh or smile out of it :)

Can you name them all!?!?!

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Characters all (c) Marvel
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hmm... Yep, my life is now complete.

Thanks for sharing this little gem
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I don't plan on selling these sprites, but I am planning on making them with perler beads.
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vsause bough me here
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YEAAH X-MAN :D :D :highfive:
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I'm not sure if anyone said this already, but Daredevil is from DC Comics, not Marvel.
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lol, it's very Marvel :) I've done work on the Daredevil books before XD trust me :)
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sorry, always thought he was from DC
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haha NP! There's so many characters that are parodies of each other and everything so I can see how it can get confusing XD
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I think the villains are a little outnumbered lol.
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maaaybe! although sometimes the the whole team of good guys fight one villain for like 20 issues ;D
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These are awesome! Disappointed by the lack of Moon Knight and Man-Thing, though. Ah, well. Can't have everything, right?
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haha! I wish I could fit all 1000+ characters :)
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No Moon Knight? I am disappoint. Lol just kidding. Nice work!
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this is MY assumption:

Sunspot, Storm, Nightcrawler, -, Professor X, -, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Havok, -, Shadowkitty, Colossus, x23, -, Emma Frost, Nick Fury?, Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic, Silver Surfer, -, Jean Grey?, -, -, Deadpool, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, Quicksilver, -, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, -, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America, Spiderman, -, -, Magneto, Apocalypse, -, Omega Red, Dr Octopus, Mojo, Venom

X-Men FTW!!
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Yay!! You got most of them :D :D Here's the dashes :)

- Nate Grey (X-Man)
- Psylocke
- Not Havok but LongShot :)
- Surge from New X-Men :D
- Namor
- Nick Fury? -- > Cable!
- Punisher
- Jean Grey? --> Black Widow
- Machine Man ( THe purple one)
- Ghost Rider
- Hank Pym
- Dr Strange (blue one flying)
- Hercules ( Next to Hank Pym)
- Sentry (flying yellow)
- Iron Fist (Next to Hercules)
- Daredevil
- Spider-Woman (Above Daredevil)
- Luke Cage (To the right of Daredevil)
- War Machine (Above Quicksilver)
- Hawkeye (next to Iron Man)
- Green Goblin (Across from Spidey)
- Rhino (Next to Green Goblin)
- Modok (Above Apoc) :)
Awesome thanx

I love X-men :DD
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