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M.Y.T.H.O.S. Process

By suzuran
I wanted to try a process tutorial for once! It's not as detailed as my other tuts, but I hope you'll still get something out of it :)

I used Photoshop CS6 and Paint Tool SAI! :D

Here is the final picture!
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Very detailed tutorial! :D I never thought about doing the background first, but after reading this it simply makes sense! This tutorial will indeed help me!
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Very well drawn! 8D
And thanks a bunch for the tutorial. I hope I get to try using your style of coloring someday... xP
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He's beautifully awesome :3 Super great job, Ran-san! And thank you for the steps, too! :)
I Still listen to the album now.... Area Zero is my favorite...
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I grew up playing megaman games and I have to say that you are very awesome at drawing Zero.  Good job.
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Kenta: Just curious, what did you sketch the first three sketches out in? Paper and pencil? Or are you using photoshop? I know you ink in SAI, but where do you usually do your beginning sketches in?

It's amazing how much detail can go into a single piece of artwork, it's what makes movie developers so amazing! How big are your pieces of art anyway? like, inch-wise?
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I always sketch in Photoshop or Sai :)  I barely use paper or pencil anymore!

They usually end up to be around 11"x17" or so!  
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Okay. Whenever I look at your art, it seems really big, and when you go into detail, such as the Z in Zero's gem, I wonder if it's this humongous piece of work...but I guess it's just like a normal sized piece of paper.

You did a fantastic job, I can't wait to see what else you make, or even make into a tutorial! :iconbiggrinplz:
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As always awesome work!! 
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The level of detail is insanely awesome. JUST LIKE YOU! :D
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ermahgerd sooo much epicness going on *brain explodes
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Awesome process. It's always really cool to see how you do things.

Is Photoshop CS6 a lot different than Photoshop CS5?

Man why do Rockman/Megaman characters look so goddamn fun to draw? If I was good at anatomy and poses I'd be all over them. hahaha
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