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September 4, 2011
Lineart and SAI tutorial is by =suzuran
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Suggested by drazzi
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Lineart and SAI tutorial

Links in the tutorial:

Posemaniacs [link]
Fotosearch [link]
DeviantArt Stock [link]
Character Designs [link]

SAI [link]

Coloring Tutorial: [link]

EDIT: I just added the music version to DeviantArt ^^ Hit "S" on your keyboard to play it, then "X" to turn it off.

Use the LEFT and RIGHT keys on your keyboard to flip through the pages, and then use the UP key to return to the table of Contents.

IF THE KEYS DON'T WORK then just click on the image first and THEN use the keys.

Some of you might wonder why I didn't just do the Sora picture in the coloring tutorial... well... I wouldn't be able to do the whole perspective talk that everyone keeps asking me about XD Happy reading, I hope it's not too confusing.

I had some help with this one, so... I'd like to thank my boyfriend just cause, then some of my friends on my FFXI Linkshell and my Coworkers for helping me proofread and dealing with my frustrations @_@

And super super super thanks to all of you guys for your support :)
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Androgandor's avatar
Great tutorial! One of a kind! I haven't seen anything like this on Deviantart!
secret-gloria's avatar
I like this tutorial!
shieruciel's avatar
Love this, very useful <3

Favourited so I can always check back anytime I need :D thanks for sharing the pro-tips, keep up the good work!
suzuran's avatar
i'm glad it came in handy!! :) thanks for reading through it! 
Dragonflames100's avatar
I love this tutorial, it really covers some things i wasn't really sure on how to do. thank you for putting so much time into it.
4san's avatar
This was amazingly helpful! I'm finally able to enjoy doing lineart- now I know why they call it "Easy" Paint Tool was so simple all along :'D Thank you so much!
Rogue-Spectre-101's avatar
Gahhh there's so much on here D: . Don't get me wrong this stuff is really useful but at the same time feels extraordinarily daunting cause it feels like I barely know anything in these tutorials :( . Well I'll be giving it more of a look some other time but not right now as its 4am in the morning lol.

Haha I do wish there was some kind of shortcut/ secret but I know there isn't :( (apart from maybe talent, patience, starting when your younger, etc) as you said in the tutorials. 

Also not sure if you'll remember me or not but I was (still am btw) a fan of yours during your mangamagazine/ inkblazer days since I really looked up to your art and your stories :). So I figured I would say hi and check out some of your DA stuff and tutorials. Part of the reason for this is because I'm going to try and start to use my DA profile a bit more often and actually get some use out of it since its been left alone for the most part of 6 years lol. Who knows I may actually start putting some of my artwork on here at some point (don't know if I want to though since I really don't have that much confidence in it lol). 

Well anyway wave keep up the pretty art I wish you all the luck in the world with your awesome arty stuff and convention stuff as well :)
Static-Foil's avatar
Even todayh after so many years, I still come back to this tutorial. Thank you so much for all the helpful advice and tips you share here.
suzuran's avatar
awe!! ;w; after so many years!! Thank you! I'm glad all the info was so helpful! 
Chill-E06's avatar
love your tutorials really helpful
recon-tweek's avatar
i'm very new to digital art and this helped lots, thank you so much!!
Sulfinha's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm just starting out in digital art and this was super helpful! :D
suzuran's avatar
you're welcome! I'm glad it was helpful! :)  Keep practicing and don't ever give up! 
MamaMJ63's avatar
One of the most in-depth tutorials I have ever seen.
This will help out a lot of my pals.
Thank you!
sordragon's avatar
Interesting, I shall take it for future references
nehcikkin's avatar
I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
melodycat127's avatar
Where can I get the Lineart Tool?
Thank you! That is a very helpful tutorial.
May I ask a question? When drawing lineart using curve tool in SAI, do you recommend a mouse or a drawing tablet?
Everen1999's avatar
DanW1988's avatar
I take my hat of to you as I can't imagine the amount of time and effort you it took to complete this tutorial!
Really insightful and I learned a heap of stuff so thanks!
suzuran's avatar
no problem!! i'm glad it was helpful :) 
AgustinaKazuyo's avatar
I've been using SAI for a long while now and I never really got how the whole preassure thing worked... thanks! <3
Happy-Horse-Stable's avatar
OOOOHMYGAWD! Thankyou soo much for this! 
I'm on my way from 'scribbling ugly things' to more understanding what i'm doing, and trying to make it look good. This was very helpful for understanding how to use different tools for different outcomes!
And it was fun to read as well =]
Mikera11's avatar
+1 favourite from me ^^
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