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Fur Meowtal Alchemist

Newest in the Chi's Sweet Home crossover series! :)

What would you give in exchange to transmute one of these kitties OwO  No human souls allowed! ;;; 
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Aww, Sheska looks so content, having her little catnap.
(Here's a thought. What small animals does this version of Al tend to hide in his armor?)
Alpha-Dragonis's avatar
Why isn't Nina on th- ooooohhhhhh right. She can never become a cat, she had a ruff time after that.
I like father's look, he epitomises a cat's attitude to the world with that one expressed.
DianaKlim's avatar
So cute! I love FMA...and CATS! <3 
Zaronie-animation's avatar
This is awesome~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I love fma.
Riczilla364's avatar
This is fantastic nya!~
NixOfTheNight's avatar
i'm gonna cry X'), I could recognize everyone, my favorite cats, i think, was of the Edward, May and Kimblee.
The title should be "FURMEOWTAIL ALCHEMIST" XD maybe
Tirithek's avatar
Ahhh this is super cute! Are you going to make prints of this available in your storenvy? I would totally buy one for me and one for a friend if you did ^^
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
Ed-kitty is my favorite.
The-Art-Claud's avatar
Uwah! Hughes and his sweetie kitty! >w<....Oh Gawd Dang It THE FEELS!!!!
Randommode's avatar
This is the best thing I have seen all day 
suzuran's avatar
awee!! :) thank you, you're so kind!! :) :huggle:
Randommode's avatar
You are a great artist :) 
Xiao-Yang's avatar
This is why you are my favorite, Irene <3 XD I miss you and your kitties!
suzuran's avatar
i miss you too ;w; :huggle:
Xiao-Yang's avatar
It was nice seeing youuuu! <3 I'm hoping to at least break away long enough to come to the next Thai Tuesday XD
Asymmlion's avatar
Haha they're so cute! Finally one where I know all the characters :D I suppose their teacher would cough up hairballs instead? :D
suzuran's avatar
HAHAHA XD poor Izumi lol!! XD 
trotyiegyed's avatar
it's too cute *.*
suzuran's avatar
:D thank you!! :gives you ALL OF THE KITTIES:
noonefincares's avatar
Ohhhhhh my goooodddd!!!!!so fucking cute!!!!!
suzuran's avatar
:D thank you!! 
Yuki-Koiyuki's avatar
I'm like trying to see them as cats through the whole anime and it's super derpy and cute XD
suzuran's avatar
LOL ;w; someone would just throw a yarn ball across Father and he wouldn't want to do his evil plans.   XD 
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