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Attack on Kitten

Fur Meowtal Alchemist by suzuranSupurr Smash Cats by suzuranKingdom Kitties by suzuranUltimate Meowvel vs Catcom 3 by suzuran

Tumblr Version:…

don't hurt me ;w;

which one is your favorite? :)
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I bought a copy of this at Zenkaicon last year, I haven't really watched AoT, can you give me a list of the characters they portay? (Getting the poster signed by the VA's. Have 3 signatures on it as of typing this.)
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okay! :) 

5 on the top top row: Reiner, Petra, Levi, Eren, Sasha
5 on the 2nd row: Bertolt, Annie, Erwin, Mikasa, Armin
2 on the right of the logo: Connie, Hanji/Zoe
Bottom Row: Colossal Kitten, Armored Kitten, Eren Titan Kitty, Jean, Ymir and Christa/Historia

thank you so much for purchasing the poster!!! :)  
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Thanks! Getting Erwin, Marlo, and Anko(even though those two aren't on here) to sign it this weekend.
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Just an update for you. All the Voice actors I've gotten to sign had thought it was really cute and a bunch of them took selfies with it.

Trina Nishimura - Mikasa
Matthew Mercer - Levi
J. Michael Tatum - Erwin
Lauren Landa - Annie

Also signed by a few VO's who aren't pictured:
Jamie Marchi - Anka Rheinberger
Joel McDonald - Milieus Zeremski
Austin Tindle - 
Marco Bodt
Ian Sinclair - 
Nile Dok
Todd Haberkorn - Marlo
Kyle Herbert - 
Mitabi Jarnach

(Picture on DropBox. Sorry for shitty quality, coming off my phone)…
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It took me forever to find you again! i got 4 key chains at Zenkiakon this year and I forgot to get a business card but i was wondering if you still had key chains available? and if you could post a link to purchase them? =)
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ohh! :) Thank you for getting kitty keychains!! :) I have some of the ones up in my store:  
Let me know if you would like me to put the attack on Kitten ones up too!  I'll be at a con this weekend though so I won't be able to put them up until Monday w@;  Thank you again!! 
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....I WANT ALL THE KITTIES! Even though half of them would scratch my face off... >n<
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My favorite is Sasha!
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I just love your kitty stuff.
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you even changed the characters in the logo hahaaaaa!!
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This popped into my head thinking about attack on titan but with kittens. and good thing this exists. favourited.
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Hehe Levi kitten cleans up after himself (the cleanest litter box)
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I love that Colossal Titnyan!
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:D glad you like!!
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Awesome work as always, suzu.
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Eren is so cute trying to look all fierce n stuff.
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hey suzuran question how do you put your Photo shop pictures submitted in D.A?
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Make the image size smaller, like make sure at least either the width or length is smaller than 1000 PX, then save it as a JPG and upload it :) 
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i mean how do i save it as a jpg i forgot how to do it "facedesk"
Umm u should go Save/save file as and save it then choose a name below the name there would be a drop down box from which u can select the mode in which u want to save after selecting ur mode of choice click save.
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LOL ja ja ja
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horray! :D i'm glad you like it :) 
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