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TeeChip... Sigh. And my webcomic is...........

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2017, 1:20 AM

:(  So all of last year Teechip and its crazy art-stealing websites have been going around downloading images from people's galleries and selling them on various things. not to mention that I've heard reports they're a scam website. 

I just don't know what to do.  It's mostly my Kingdom Hearts artworks that they've been stealing.  I'm really sorry but I'm going to start watermarking my work a lot more diligently now.  I can't really change images that I've already uploaded since I'm sure they have them saved.  

But most of all I would really love to thank all of you who reported the incidents to me!!!!  As well as those who go on the facebook posts and tell everyone not to buy from them and link back toward my deviantart.    I REALLY truly appreciate it. You guys are the MVPs for the art community.  

On happier news... 

I'm working on ERA again. :)  I hope you guys look forward to it!  On my twitter I'm currently hosting a poll deciding if I should make it into a Visual Novel or not.   As Deviantart was one of the first places I've posted Convergence, I'm more than estatic to hear what my first supporters have to say about it :)  

Link to the voting Poll:…


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United States
I draw Lil' Deadpool in the Marvel Comics :) I'm a wannabe Anime Style artist, and I love drawing cute things and robotish things. Mega Man is the reason I started making art :) Someday I will restart my webcomic "ERA", but please give the current stories a read!


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ShaozChampion Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2019  Student Digital Artist
oh wow ;w; your artwork is amazing! I can't wait to see more
ScyldScefing Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2018
Hi! I recently came across this site. I was one of the guys who backed Era:Ibuki in what now seems forever and a day ago, and even kept following immediately after in another manga webcomics site so long defunct now I can't even remember the name.

You did make an impact on me and my perception of sci-fi with your stories, but I lost touch because, well, life (about 5 jobs changes, so many other changes of city and one change of country of residence). Dunno why, yesterday I saw my pledge on KS, and decided to look up what you were up to. I found Proelium going strong and let me tell you, from page 1, the feeling was like that moment where you meet a friend you hadn't seen in a long time, but are fond of nonetheless.

Thanks so much for the good memories, past and present.
suzuran Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
hi Scyld!! 

awe, thank you so much for these words and sorry the thanks is so late.  I'm so glad that ibuki made such an impact ;w; I really hope I'll have a chance to work on Proelium again.  I hope you have happy holidays and I also hope that you've finally hit a calm moment in life so you can relax from all those job changes :hugs:  
ScyldScefing Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2019
Hi again!

Wow. I feel honored you actually answered. I mean, we all are busy anyways and I'm sure you get praise for your work all the time (although knowing how art is, you are probably reluctant to believe it XD).

My life is pretty stable, if boring right now. I left the video game industry, where I used to work, and within months I find myself on a permanent contract in a stable job that I don´t much like but where I am highly valued, worked reasonably and paid much more I´ve been up to now.  I have improv theatre as an outlet and I live in an interesting city.

Still, what can I say. I miss the fury and thunder. I don´t miss the stress of moving town&country so often, but still I get kind of twitchy after living in this same place for too long. I think it´s part of the reason I remembered Era: with all the bad things that were going on there- plenty of those- it´s a fond memory of a past where nothing seemed certain and you lived day to day, taking the small bits of hope, fun and reprieve when you found them. They made you feel all the fuzzier inside for it, and maybe that´s the reason I can relate in a level with all the struggle in the world you made. It´s uncertain, it´s precarious, it hangs by a thread... and that´s what makes it beautiful.

Take good care and may you stay fuzzy.
greensam Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!
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