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Hummer turn around by Cyber-Hand
[Commission] Ready to Fight ? by RikiyaAkai
Akahoujaku - the Crimson Ghost by AltairSky
Fantasy-xchange: Altair Tarazawa by Halorith
Suzumega Medabot Webcomic
page 52 - disconnection - Suzumega Medabot 2 by AltairSky
page 51 - disconnection - Suzumega Medabot 2 by AltairSky
page 50 - disconnection - Suzumega Medabot 2 by AltairSky
page 49 - disconnection - Suzumega Medabot 2 by AltairSky
Reference Sheets
Hummer: Hoshihoujaku reference by AltairSky
Altair Tarazawa reference sheet by AltairSky
Hummer (suzumega) #9: expression meme by AltairSky
Hummer: Benisuzume Prototype Reference 2015 by AltairSky
Hummer Only
Hummer Bot - Request by Rosicae
Hummer Art Piece Request for AltairSky by AmesPinkinson
Drawing for AltairSky by ObsidianPhoenix-fc
Hummer a Hawkmoth Suzumega Bot by SurveshJones
Altair Only
All-thai-eer by Vicinalzero
[AR] Altair Tarazawa by aki-kurosai
Request// Altair 2.0 by Kiogeki
AT AltairSky .:Altair:. by saki-noir
Altair and Hummer
altairsky Altair 2.0andwing Hummer by Manchines
Request - Altair and Hummer (altairsky) by lemonchan908
Akahoujaku and Hoshihoujaku1 by ServantofEntropy
Commission: Altair and Wing Hummer by Aki-Ookami
Hummer Dragon by NemesisBruticusPrime
Musicians! [alpha] by ThatElement
Between worlds by arabian92Knight
Medabot FC: HJK0007-X 'Altair 2.5' [Complete] by MidnightDJ-SK
Real Life Suzumegas
Animal April 2019 04 Hummingbird Hawk-Moth by JinchuurikiHunter
Altair Sky by TakeTheLlama
Request Hummingbird by Chayt
VECTOR REQUEST - Macroglossum Stellatarum by puh-gly
Medaparts, Medals, Weapons, Accessories
Contest Entry 2: Hyles Vespertilio by JohnBrasser
Macroglossum mitchelli kageyami MB contest entry. by TankPanzer75
Suzumega Contest Entry: Cephonodes hylas model by PredalienMaster


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About Us

Read the comic, click here:…

What is "Suzumega Medabot?"
"Suzumega Medabot" is a webcomic that takes place in the medabot universe, so it's a completely new story, with new characters but the old characters we know from the show are still there, with the difference that they're not the main characters anymore, and we look at them from a different point of view.

The comic world is canon to the show and GBA game, there are not OOC events like shipping of canon characters and similar, and the comic focus is to be loyal to the spirit of the show.
We tried to stay as much loyal as possible to the show, with a few exceptions.
In fact, I wanted to refresh what I already saw in the show by making the world more realistic and less whaky, for this reason, a few characters like Mr Referee might be a little different.
In this comic, I put a lot of effort to make things more technical and realistic, and as plausible as possible according to the current technology and theories.
The fights are more realistically brutal and mature than the fights in the show so expect some robot violence here and there.
There is also a lot of the humour typical of the show.
The comic take place 1 year after the tournament and doesn't consider "Medabots Spirit" (In fact, that series alone goes against many solid canons from the first series, so it was impossible to adopt both canons because one was the opposite of the others).
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Since this is a fan club, only fanart of the webcomic "Suzumega Medabot" is allowed.
Here is a brief description of the group's folders:

This is a closed folder. Its purpose is to feature works temporarily, and temporarily only.

Suzumega Medabot
This is a closed folder and it only contains the webcomic pages. Don't submit anything here.

Reference Sheets
This is another closed folder and it only contains reference sheets and useful information about the webcomic characters and world. If you are planning to draw Fanart or to enter a contest, here you can find all the references you need.

Altair Only
Here you can post fanart of Altair Tarazawa.

Hummer Only
Here you can post fanart of WingHummer.

Altair and Hummer
Here you can post fanart of both Altair and Winghummer together.

This folder is for all the art featuring Altair and/or Hummer together with your own OC.
It's also meant for everything not canon, like for example Hummer humanized, or Hummer drawn in a very different style.

Real Life Suzumegas
This is for art and photos about real hummingbird hawkmoths.

Stamps, Animations, Short Comics, Literature
Folder dedicated to stamps, icons, literature, poetry, motivational posters, animations and 1 page long comics (only 1 page long! If you are planning to draw a longer comic involving my characters, let me know and I'll eventually add a dedicated folder) about "Suzumega Medabot".

Medaparts, Medals, Accessories, Weapons
This is for everything that doesn't fit into the above folders that has the comic "Suzumega Medabot" as main theme.


1- Please be nice and respectful to other members! We want to keep a friendly environment around here.

2- Do not submit art that has nothing to do with the group theme.

3- Do not advertise on the front page. This includes group promotion as well as announcing commission status or contests. Also, don't beg/ask for points on our front page. If you have an important project or a group you wish to advertise, please contact the administrator AltairSky

4- It should be obvius, but I'll say it clearly anyway: no porn, no hardcore fetish and no offensive art is allowed, and the reason is that none of the characters in the comic "Suzumega Medabot" is into this kind of stuff, so any art featuring blatant sexual themes would be totally against the characters.
:iconno-paradise: wins:
- 200 :points:
- 5 of your artworks featured on AltairSky journal
- Shaded commission of your character

:iconcptstrike: wins:
- 50 :points:
- 3 of your artworks featured on AltairSky journal
- Flat chibi commission of your character

:iconpandora180180: wins
- 1 artwork featured on AltairSky journal
- Simple chibi commission of your character

Please let me know which character you'd like me to draw <3
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This is a fan club dedicated to the webcomic "Suzumega Medabot". You can read the comic and post your fanart!
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