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TMNT: Remy Gordon-Hamato (RE-DESIGN)

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Published: August 28, 2016
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So I got an itch to re-design Remy. Not that there was something wrong with his design, it felt a lil' eh.... too cliché. And I wanted him to look more like a mix of his parents and from the "future" XDD if that makes sense. He's still a runt, and maybe more physically weak (causing lil' daddy issues >w> FAMILY DRAMA FOREVER Fired Up )

And yes. He was born black. Got the idea of the viviparous lizard babies that were born a lil' more darker. His color would lighten up as he ages.

If there's questions 'bout him, go ahead I'll try and answer them 030

Remy Otto Gordon-Hamato, Liz Gordon (c) me
Leo Hamato, TMNT 2012 (c) Nickelodeon
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I'm in love with Remy so cool ☺️😍
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SEARCHLIGHTmntHobbyist Artist
Why did leo ok at he  like that?
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emzzy123Hobbyist General Artist
i do this with EVERY OC i come across.....but i just start imagining the OC getting kidnapped by the current villain and getting mutilated and tortured beyond comprehension and the family FINALLY getting them back and before they see them again there all thinking
"oh (insert OC name here) is totally fine there's no WAY (insert villain name here) would break them" and then they just find them COMPLETLY off the deep end in every possible way and like i mean foaming at the mouth speaking jibberish rocking back and forth off the deep end and there all in shock and shit (excuse my french) and them slowly trying to reform the bonds with the nut jobs and i can TOTALLY see this with leo and remy with the family drama and all that shiz food for thought
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I really like this comment of you'rs are I really see that happening in this world and I can see Liz kicking the crud out of this guy for hurting her baby cuz I can see that happening I'll be laughing extremely hard if this happens in a comic just imagine what liz face it'll be funny as heck if you don't mind could I use this for a little serious I'm going to be making cuz this sounds extremely cool I hope that you let me and I love your idea I hope you let me use it please
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I love the look Leo is giving Liz
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LindseylovelStudent Digital Artist
Why is Leo looking at Liz like that?
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kittey1223Student Digital Artist
oooooooooooooohhhh thats why leo is lookin at her like that like "do you have something to tell me :/) XD
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musicalmoon1987Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I draw him?
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BlueNightingale01Hobbyist General Artist
*cuteness overload intensifies* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >w<
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Still looks could, not trying to put down this design or anything but I'll miss the old design. Just seemed perfect already, sorry!
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Does remy have a crush?
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Suzukiwee1357Hobbyist Digital Artist
Diamondlombax01's avatar
May I make him one
He is so cute
Pretty pls with a cherry ontop I'll do offering kinds of designs and each character will have different personalitys?
Suzukiwee1357's avatar
Suzukiwee1357Hobbyist Digital Artist
mmm, I'm a bit on the both sides. ^^; It would be nice that he's not alone, but ehhhhh in a way I don't want him to get a girlfriend either.  ^^; I don't want to stop you from doing the girlfriend suggestions if you really want to, but uhh, i don't know man. Remy doesn't feel like he needs one right now. 
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Oh :( ok but can u at least think about it
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Suzukiwee1357Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok, I'll think about it :)
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angelcakesssStudent General Artist
I totally love the re-design!!

Will Remy ever go in battles? Like his father qwq ?
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Suzukiwee1357Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank u!

Hmm... Due to being physically weak in a way, i would think the family don't look at it well for Remy to go on battles, but on patrols instead.

((but Remy's a stubborn butt, so...))
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angelcakesssStudent General Artist
Lol mkay. Thank you for clarifying XD
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54virusesHobbyist Writer
Donnie! You can actually help a relationship here, get in here and geek out about your nephew being dark!!
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Awesome! you know? I have been thinking of Re making My Next Gen Ocs one of them is Yoshi.… hes a turtle/dragon hybrid both mix of his parents Leo and Katy
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1st ahhh so adorable baby XD

2nd his handsome XD
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