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I do not offer commissions through the DA system. For commissions send me a note, or go directly to…

You will find all information there.

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Ding Xiao Hua Portrait 01 by suzukishinji Ding Xiao Hua Portrait 01 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 5 2 Celia Barnes vs Vanessa Martinez 00 by suzukishinji Celia Barnes vs Vanessa Martinez 00 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 26 12 Nichole vs Anne 2-064 by suzukishinji Nichole vs Anne 2-064 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 35 21
How to show caving in from a punch to the body...

...using D-Former in DAZ Studio

Okay, I have been asked several times now about how to I make the impact shown. Instead of telling every time to each person I decided to make this small tutorial. Just follow these few steps, and you will get stunning results. I show this on a Genesis 3 figure, but you can do it on every figure you like.

First you click on that create button on the left top.

There you will find the New D-Former. The figure you want the D-Former apply to must be selected.

Fancy a name for it? Then do so.

The D-Former is applied. I zero all translation and rotation of the D-Former Base. This way I won't get funny results even if the figure is not in zero position.

:iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 11 26
Nichole vs Anne 2-063 by suzukishinji Nichole vs Anne 2-063 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 41 18 Nichole vs Anne 2-058 by suzukishinji Nichole vs Anne 2-058 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 30 35 Nichole vs Anne 2-044 by suzukishinji Nichole vs Anne 2-044 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 49 34 Nichole vs Anne 2-025 by suzukishinji Nichole vs Anne 2-025 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 36 25
Katia's way to become number one contender

Katia has always been a shy girl, a loner, an outsider. Her mother had died when Katia still was a young girl. Her father didn't care much about her,

he saw her as a burden, and he didn't have time for her. So the girl built her own world with imaginary friends who she talked to and played with.
Her social skills were zero, she never learned how to interact with real people, or how to reflect to their actions.

When she went to school she instantly became the outsider, the strange girl who talked to invisible people. The kids in her class didn't take that well.

Some were just laughing, some were making jokes, some picked on her. It took Katia one week only to become the number one victim for bullying. 

Her teachers tried their best to protect her, but they could not be there at any time. They tried to talk to Katia's father, but he waved them off. He

said Katia woul
:iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 12 19
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Nichole Reed vs Kira Stryker 019 by suzukishinji
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Touch Gloves Issue 13 July 2018 by suzukishinji
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Touch Gloves Issue 13 July 2018 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 9 4
Lacie vs Ling Bei Bei 46 by suzukishinji
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Lacie vs Ling Bei Bei 46 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 67 31


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Tumblr: suzukishinjis-girlfights.tumbl…

You may have seen in my recent uploads that Brindie sat in the Diner with a little girl. How did that happen? What relationship do they have? The answer is - none. Here is what happened in Brindie´s 18th episode: 

There was a car accident. Brindie, Ysabeau, and Kimiko had been out for a ride as they passed by the car that had run into a tree and caught fire. Brindie went over to check about the driver.

Brindie 18-009-2 by suzukishinji

She found that the driver was dead, his lifeless body leaned forward, his head with eyes of a dead man´s stare rested on the steering wheel. Brindie took a closer look, and then she saw that little girl in the back, her small hands pressed against the window, and her mouth open and screaming! She could not escape, the childlock was active in the door.

Brindie 18-011-2 by suzukishinji

Brindie didn´t waste a second but ran to the car. She opened the backdoor, grabbed the child, and ran!

Brindie 18-014-2 by suzukishinji

Brindie ran as fast as she could. The flames reached higher, and if the fire ignited the gasoline, hell would break loose. 

Brindie 18-015-2 by suzukishinji

And hell DID break loose. The shock wave of the explosion swept Brindie off her feet, but never did she let go of the child.

Brindie 18-016-2 by suzukishinji

Brindie landed hard on the asphalt. But she was alive, and so was the little girl. Ysabeau was shocked, and she went to check about the two, and to help if necessary.

Well, it was a Sunday morning. Offices were closed. So what would Brindie do with the child that she had just rescued? She found out that the girl didn´t have breakfast yet, so she brought her to the diner...

This and more is in the 18th episode of Brindie´s story. Kimiko´s fight with a policewoman for example. The story of Brindie and the little girl will continue in episode 19...


Ding Xiao Hua Portrait 01
I told you I would have an erhu playing fighter one day, didn't I?
So here she is. Found an old Victoria 4 girl that I had never used
before (yes, happens all the time, see a girl, must have her, put
her in the library, forget about her), then I converted her to 
Genesis 3, gave her that lovely instrument, and she's done.

Her original name is VH_LilFlower, you can find her here:…

Just saw she's on sale for $5. Go get her, she's beautiful. In the same
purchase I just noticed that I also have this girl, and I'm pretty sure
that I also have never used her before:…

Another beauty, the promo picture "Lips" is what made me buy
her at that time. It's now five years ago, and I saw that there is
another product I have never used before. What a waste.

Okay, back to Xiao Hua. I already mentioned that she is a beauty,
right? Okay, let's hear about her background.

Xiao Hua comes from a wealthy family that lives near Beijing. She went to good schools,
and she did well there. She stayed away from trouble best she could. When she was done
with her homework she went to musical school where she learned to play the erhu. Her
family is not only wealthy but traditional as well, so it was a must that Xiao Hua learned
to play the traditional instrument. 

When the girl went to high school things changed a little. She heard about girl gangs
that bullied other girls who were pretty or wore beautiful clothes. Those gangs would
beat girls up and tear the clothes and steal from them. 

One day one of Xiao Hua's friends was unlucky enough to get caught by a gang. When 
Xiao Hua was about to meet with her she saw the beating that was still going on. She
interfered, and so she was next in line to receive a beating. She was being held from 
behind while the other girls took turns in punching last week's lunch out of her.

It was a shocking first encounter with physical violence, but holy crap she nevertheless
enjoyed it somehow. On that day Xiao Hua noticed that she not only had a passion for
music but for fighting as well. She got herself into a gym to learn kung fu. Of course
kung fu... being brought up traditionally she would learn the traditional way of fighting.

Xiao Hua liked physical confrontation so much that she purposely went to places where
she suspected girl gangs to show up. Sometimes she waited for them for an hour, and
when she finally saw them she waved to them to make them fight her. 

Xiao Hua usually lost those fights, but she nevertheless enjoyed them at least as much
as the gang girls did. One day she challenged the leader of a gang to a one on one fight.
Xiao Hua had just received her usual beating, and when she got up again she called out
the leader. 

That brought a smile from the leader. Thinking she could dare taking on Xiao Hua alone
after the beating they had given her the leader accepted. It didn't take long until she
found out that this was a mistake. Xiao Hua knocked her out cold, and then challenged 
the next one.

There were four girls in the gang including the leader, and before long they all laid down
moaning or crying, or in the case of the leader unconscious. From that day on the roles
had changed. The gang tried to avoid Xiao Hua, but the young erhu player always hunted 
them down. She still lost in the beginning but she always had two of them down before
she got overwhelmed.

A year later the gang was chanceless. No more victories over Xiao Hua anymore. The girl
took them down where ever she met them - the hunters had become the hunted. The day
after her first victory over all four of them Xiao Hua got herself the tattoos. 

The girl still plays the erhu. If you meet her don't offend her, and don't try to be a bully.
She'll make you regret that...

That guy probably had smelled too much napalm in his life. Scroll down for the video. 
Celia Barnes vs Vanessa Martinez 00
I have been asked several times, what about the Celia Barnes vs Vanessa Martinez fight
that I had started on March 7 2016. Never had the idea about how or when to continue
the fight until I was asked on my Patreon site. 

So I remade the two characters as Genesis 3 figures, and what can I say? Here they are,
ready to give each other leather.

Patreon by suzukishinji 
Nichole vs Anne 2-064
Her kick had missed, her fist hasn't.

Anne Carter is the OC of :iconphoenixcreed:
Why is a life insurance called life insurance? They pay when you're dead. So shouldn't it better be called death insurance?


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