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Kamigan #29 - Don't hurt my pet!



“A new goddess appears! This time, it’s Naia goddess of water, what is quite expected as the last episodes took place in the water  xD
Poor Jaeger, the kraken is Naia’s favorite pet! As master, she doesn’t really like to see someone trying to hurt him while just eating.”

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> The third yonkoma, Naia is a quite sexy goddess, desu ne ?

Credits: Story/Scenario © **Gokudokun
Naia © ~~AxTrish/**Gokudokun
Art © ~*SuzieSuzy
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© 2013 - 2024 SuzieSuzy
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So lovely! Love the contrast of colors here :)! Heck, tyvm for sharing. Blue haired girls are nearly extinct :<. Ty for doing your part to perserve them ;).