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Happy New Year 2013 !

By SuzieSuzy
Bonne Année 2013 ! Qu'elle vous apporte joie, bonheur et prospérité :dance:

Voici une compilation de fanarts des animes et mangas que j'ai beaucoup appréciés en 2012 ! C'était parti d'un fanart sur Bloody Cross, puis CODE BREAKER, puis j'en ai fait tout plein sans m'en rendre compte :roll:
Je n'ai pas eu le temps de les encrer ni de les coloriser, j'espère que vous les apprécierez en l'état :love:

Pour bien commencer l'année, un petit concours : le premier qui trouve le nom de tous les personnages (réponses en commentaires) gagne une commission en noir et blanc ! (un ou deux persos encrés, pas de yaoi ni ecchi)
J'espère que vous participerez nombreux ;)


Happy New Year ! Hope 2013 will be full of happiness and success.
I wanted to make one or two fanarts, and it ended in full of animes and mangas I have appreciated in 2012 :O

A little contest for you : the first one who posts the name of the whole characters win an inked black and white commission ! (one or two characters, no yaoi nor ecchi).
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Who are those two in the lower right corner? The ones with the strap and the gun. They look cool.
SuzieSuzy's avatar
They are two characters from the Reiko Shimizu's manga "Himitsu" aka "Top Secret",
see there [link] or there [link]

It's a very interesting shoujo manga (with a little Yaoi, but very little) about investigators in the near future, who scan brain's victims so as to clarify their investigations.
If you are fond of Law & Order series, you have to read this manga :dance:

And yeah Maki and Aoki are so cool :O_o:
Azedarach's avatar
Awwww....... I started watching it, but Aoki is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.... AKA Ulquiorra from Bleach. I got in about 10 minutes and then just about died... he's too normal! Noooo!
SuzieSuzy's avatar
I haven't seen the anime yet ... Daisuke Namikawa = seiyuu of Kazehaya ?! I really like his voice :heart: I have to watch it !!!
Roumea's avatar
Wow c'est impressionnant *O*
Tu as un sacré coup de crayon dis moi ! :3

Une bonne année à toi aussi ^-^
SuzieSuzy's avatar
Merci beaucoup, ça me fait très plaisir :love: pour progresser, rien de mieux que de plancher sur une BD !
Bonne année 2013 à toi aussi :D
Roumea's avatar
Je t'en prie ^-^ Et merci!
Zoology3's avatar
Well, I can see Ogami and Sakurakouji-san with Puppy from Code:Breaker on the top left hand corner. And I think you have Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran Highschool Host Club there too. And in the bottom left hand corner, you have Himari Takakura or 'Princess of the Crystal' from Mawaru Penguindrum. But as for the rest, I'm not sure. I think you might have Shion from No.6, but other than that, I have no idea. Am I correct so far? ^^

Good picture, by the way.
SuzieSuzy's avatar
Thank you very much :love:
Like your avatar too, How to train a Dragon is one of my favorite 3D movies ;)

Yeah correct ! Here some tips for the rest :
- left of the title : he is learning how to fish on a japanese island
- middle right : they are investigators in a near future ;-)
- other characters : see the anime/manga groups of this draw !
Zoology3's avatar
Well, looking back, I can see the trio from Puella Magi and I think the couple below them is from Hot Gimmick maybe. But the others....the only animes that I can think of that would fit your descriptions would be Tsuritama for the 'fishing' one and for the other one, either "Mnesmosyne" or "X" but other than that, I don't know what to tell ya. I tried my best. ^^;
SuzieSuzy's avatar
Good work, you win the B&W commission :dance:
Tell me the characters you want me to draw by mp !

Ho nearly finished :O last ones are difficult to recognize, I drew them too small :P
They are Maki and Aoki from Reiko Shimizu's Himitsu The Top Secret ! A very interesting manga about investigations by brain scanners :Roll:
Zoology3's avatar
Oh! Okay. I don't remember if I've heard of those yet. I'll have to look them up. And cool! Thank you! For the commission, I would probably choose Ogami and Sakarakouji-san again, just because I love them and the series. ^^
SuzieSuzy's avatar
Cool I'm watching CODE BREAKER, I'm in the mood of drawing them :love:
Zoology3's avatar
That's great. I love the series! ^^
SuzieSuzy's avatar
... and my journal :P
rhonda1998's avatar
CUTE!!!!!!!!!!1 i love how you drew this!!!
SuzieSuzy's avatar
Thank you very much ! First I wanted to draw Haruhi and Tamaki, but I was afraid to draw too much couples.
I love your avatar :D
rhonda1998's avatar
your welcomies! there is nothing called to much couples!

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