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Escaflowne gift to MissPendergast

This is a birthday gift to a dA friend :iconmisspendergast: !
Van and Meruru pay a visit to Hitomi, but are not used to wear Japanese clothes  :o
Escaflowne is one of her favorite anime shows  :D  I want to draw Hitomi and Van in a quite romantic scene, but there are so many of this kind on dA, I have tried something more funny :P
Photoshop CS5 + < 11h (yeah I'm very slow, I know ...)
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so funny XD
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Yeah, it was fun to draw them blushing ;p
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Thank you :D I love them so much :la:
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Roooh, il est trop joli ce dessin, j'adore leurs expression *O*
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Merci !!! Haaa Escaflowne et ses histoires d'amûûûr  :love:  bien sûr Van et Hitomi sont mes préférés, d'ailleurs je m'inspire d'eux dans une de mes histoires  :happybounce:
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haha, je t'avoue que j'ai regarder l'anime mais pas tout et il y a looongtemps
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oui j'ai l'impression que cet anime ne fait pas l'unanimité, mon mari n'a pas trop suivi non plus !
Mais ceux qui aiment, sont marqués à vie :heart:
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J'imagine, et puis après, les gout et les couleurs sont dans la nature hein 8'D 
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Ps: Je trouve Van vraiment trop cute!
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Yahou Suzy il est splendide! Arigatouuuuuuuuuuu:) et un viva à l"un des meilleur anime de tous les temps!
J'espère avoir le temps de me remettre bientôt au dessin également,
Et encore félicitation il est magnifique
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Merci je suis contente qu'il te plaise  :la:  viva Escaflowne !!! Punaise ça me donne envie de remater cet anime  :XD:
J'aime bien la pose de Van, mais j'aurais dû trouver un moyen de le dessiner de face ou de 3/4  :P
Vivement que tu t'y remettes (quand tu auras le temps !)  :)
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Very well drawn where did you learn to draw this good?

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Thank you very much :happy:
Well ... I learnt all by myself and like everyone by copying manga or animes. Now I'm learning watercolor with Domestika. Always learning ...
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How long did it take for you to be this good?

And was it easy?

And what is Domestika?

Also out of curiosity do you take requests because I was wondering if you could draw Allen moving into Fried to watch over his son Chid?

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I'm not so good |-)
Just learning from other authors and tuto on web.

It depends if you want to be a master, it could take a quite long time (the whole life ??). Try to learn basics on arts, as told in Blue Period manga.
Domestika is a website with lot of art courses, from numeric art to traditional, and writing or crafting courses. The courses are not so expansive and you learn a lot with video format.

Sorry I do not take requests because I miss a lot of time to do my own stuffs. But I would see Allen walking along with his king child :-)
Thank you very much for your interest !
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From what I have seen here it looks like your art is improving so good job.

Sounds cool I will have to check it out soon it may help me make my own Video Games On Dreams.

Oh to bad I would have love to see how you would have drawn it and also truth is I was hoping you could Draw Something from a book I am writing which is about this eight year old Orphan Boy who looks like a eight year old version of one of Dilandou Dragon Slayers but never mind.

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Ha ha a story about young Dilandou would be quite interesting ! But sorry, I'm too busy to find free time about projects. My old webcomic would take me 3 years to finish it.

But I wish you good luck on your projects ! Just training and you will improve !

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