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A 3 h Photoshop-Quickie. ;)
Just needed to create something less complex. I tend to get lost in detail after some time, I need to practice keeping stuff simple.

Played around with perspective also a bit. I think it turned out nice. :)

This kind of Sea Dragons is very whale - like, their ancestors were wyverns and only had a pair of wings and feet, no arms and no tail. The wings became the two fins on the sides and the feet became one big tail fin.

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wow! beautiful work!!
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This is such a nice picture. I love how you made rays of sunlight coming through the water surface. The bubbles also add a nice touch.
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Thank you very much! ;)

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Beautifully done, a fine form, and the eyes are just...:wow: -- the bubbles surrounding the creature caught my attention
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The eyes are the "fiery" point there. :D I think that turned out well.

Thank you very much!
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Woo, so cool and so blue! He looks adorable!
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Thanks a big bunch! ;)

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"Quickie"...? "Less complex"...? "Simple"...?

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I made a brush in PS for the bubbles, one needs to play around with the options a bit but the rest is easy and fast then. ;)
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Of yes of course... scatter and size jitter jump to mind first :shakefist:
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Ah, that´s awesome, lass. =3
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Thank you very much! :boogie:
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Coole Lichteffekte und die Luftblasen sehen echt super aus!!! Gute Arbeit!!! :D
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Vielen lieben Dank! :)

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What's great about this is those COLORS. I mean wow. The shine coming off them, the choices of the colors themselves; really a treat for the eyes. I like blue though, so the bias is high. ;)
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Thank you very much! :D
I really like how the colours turned out, I somehow have the feeling that it is the easiest to work with blue tones somehow.
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Coole dynamische Pose! x3 Die Blubbs am Bauch hätteste dunkler machen können weil die doch im Schatten liegen, wär glaub gut gekommen.
Sorry du, das ich mich noch gar nicht auf deine tolle Message gemeldet habe. Ich find deinen Job wirklich extrem interessant und plane nun auch mich in künstlerischen Dingen fortzubilden um damit eines Tages auch meinen Unterhalt zu verdienen.. aber erst mal mach ich die Ausbildung fertig. ^^
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Danke! :)
Stimmt, die hätten da etwas Schatten vertragen können.
Bin mal wieder hinten nach mit all meinen Messages und etc. aber wenn du noch etwas wissen willst, ich bin für Fragen immer offen. ;)
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Aww, cute :heart: I wanna give him a biiiig hug. Love the shading, the colors, and especially the bubbles :D.
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Thanks very much! ;)
I have made an own new brush for these bubbles. :)
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Awesome :D. Making brushes is fun.
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I love it... everything, the colors, the WATER! The shading... >w<

And your lineart is so crisp and beautiful! <3 LOVE! >w<
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