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TFA - Wrong Movie

Bumblebee: We are in the wrong movie? Right...?
Ratchet: . . .

:XD: (Had to edit this, stupid upload-thing...)
Just a quick fun thing, took me 2 and a half hour still (because I got lost in detail once again *blarg*).
Hmm, the real reason why I did pick these two to be the victims for "this", was mainly because they are the only ones who really fit to be Cars-ified concerning their "fronts" :lol:
But yeah Ratchet and Bee rawk anyway! :D

I hope ya like it. ;)


Transformers Animated (c) Hasbro / CN
Cars (c) Disney / Pixar
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Cool that look so amazing in the cars Universe and great job on the art.
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Thanks very much. ;)
FizzGryphon's avatar
Years after this was posted I find it.
And it is absolutely brilliant. Gave me a good laugh. XD
suzidragonlady's avatar
:D Thank you very much :), I also still like it.
AwesomePrime343's avatar
Cars was my childhood.
suzidragonlady's avatar
^__^ :) and I still enjoy the movies. :D
KatyScene's avatar
Omigod dis is funny. I have to show this to my brother.
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Bluiebirdie17's avatar
XD. I love this.
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^__^ Thank you very much.
Bluiebirdie17's avatar
I remember cars being one of my favorites when I was younger, and I always thought of TFA as that, IDK why. :3
suzidragonlady's avatar
:) I also got the idea for this in a similar way, I just felt this had to be drawn. :XD:
RJ8's avatar
Wow, this is hilarious.
suzidragonlady's avatar
Thank you very much. :)
Skyfi96's avatar
This... This is just perfect! :rofl:
I love it!
Moar, moar! :clap:
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DragonballFormersZ's avatar
This is freaking wonderful XD
TheLegoFan's avatar
but you have to admit... it works.
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