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Sweet Day at the Beach

This piece was a commission for terralux, a fusion between my character Drakalette and his character Ankh Aszul, so Drakzul or Ankh Asalette :D at a wonderful tropical beach, some friends play beach volleyball in the background and the weather is just perfect to enjoy a drink and some sweets from your CANDY HOARD. :)
I'm super happy with how the pose and the background turned out there, I also created some 3D models for the candy there.

Character (c) :iconterralux: & :iconsuzidragonlady:
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LiquidFrogStudios's avatar

Careful not to eat too many. Might not be good for your teeth! ; )

suzidragonlady's avatar

:D That should be a special power of Dragons really, indestructible teeth, hehe. :D

LiquidFrogStudios's avatar

An underrated superpower to be sure! XD

Bluegirl123456's avatar
A dragon and her candy hoard
suzidragonlady's avatar

:D Yeah, a Dragon's hoard just can be everything.

Frametoonsgames's avatar

Whoa! Dragons like gold and diamonds, for her sweets are her gold.

Cool work by the way.

suzidragonlady's avatar

:w00t: Thank you very much. :)

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Yami-Pokegirl's avatar

Great color transitions. I like the BG and the character.

suzidragonlady's avatar

:) Thank you very much :bow:

terralux's avatar

Oh yeah! Es war wieder sehr klasse, dich zu beauftragen und ich finde, das Ergebnis kann sich wirklich sehen lassen. :D

Wir passen wirklich gut zusammen, außerdem Yay für unseren Hort! <3

Immer wieder gern! :D

suzidragonlady's avatar

Danke! :D :D Es geht nichts über einen Haufen Süßigkeiten und dann noch im Paradies.:XD: Es hat echt Spaß gemacht.

WKJonesnet's avatar

Nice. Love the vibrant colors.

Every dragon needs a hoard :w00t:

wave remake

suzidragonlady's avatar

Thank you very much :w00t: :dance:

felix-leg's avatar

If she can still keep her teeth intact after all that sweets, then I WANT to be that dragon! :o No more dentist and toothache and I can eat all the sweets of the world :la:

suzidragonlady's avatar

That would be awesome yes, a Dragon with a candy hoard must have this kind of super power yeees :D :D .

Silvolf's avatar

Candy is the best kind of hoard :D

suzidragonlady's avatar

Agreed :D :D you can never have too much candy.

Bandarai's avatar

This is beautiful! :D The warm and bright colours really give that summer vibe. I love the pose of the character too, lounging back on all those sweet treats! So many details there. Excellent job! :heart:

suzidragonlady's avatar

:heart: Thank you very much. These colours there and exotic beaches are my fave stuff to paint really. :D

Shadow-Dragon-777's avatar

I just love the colors in this one. So bright and vibrant.

suzidragonlady's avatar

Thank you :D I really enjoy to work with high saturated colours :XD: .

AnuOjat's avatar

Oh man, always loved HAPPY fusions and this ones no exception! :D

suzidragonlady's avatar

:) Thank you very much. This was really a happy fun project to work on.

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