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I have a Letter for you

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I finished a new digital commission, Pascal the wyvern for tempo_Arcanine, he has a letter for you :) :D. There are a lot of details everywhere there, I really like to work on such fantasy landscapes. I'm still using the technique that I learned in that one backgrounds CGMA course, that was soo awesome, it's really a pity that they discontinued it, I would have liked to make the advanced course also there.

Character © Tempo_Arcanine

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This dragon has a wonderful color, i like this design too :3

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Thanks a bunch. ^__^ :w00t:

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Oh this is very pretty. Loving the design of the character and their colors.

A real shame they discontinued the environment courses it could have benefited a lot of other artists. Glad you were able to learn form it.


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Thank you very much :) .

I was able to do part 1 of these courses and there was an anouncement for a part 2 but that one was only hold for a limited time only and I was not able to do it when it took place for the last time. The teacher was Simon Scales, he is really a great art teacher.

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Oh wow his Artstation gallery is incredible. I'm sorry you were not able to take part 2 of his course. He might have more courses available in the future.

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I love the colours and details!

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Thank you :heart: , it got more and more complex but I'm happy about the outcome :D .

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"I'll take the letter, but please, next time save my roof and don't land on it. It is a fragile one and I really need it" :ohnoes:

Yeah, background can change things a lot, and the background here is well done :D Which reminds me I probably never touched background drawing which is a shame for me :doh: I wish someone give me some tips >_>

Anyway, I also see that *someone* finally make a backpack (frontpack?) for a wyvern that doesn't raise questions like "How he put that and didn't broke his wings with it?" :clap:

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:D That roof was just the perfect spot to land on.

Thank you, I really like to work on such fantasy landscapes, it was fun.

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