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Free Dragon Outlines II

I made such a lineart over a year ago, lineart that can be used to do whatever you like. :) And I don't like the old one that much anymore so here is the dragon outline from my newer dragon tutorial for you. :D

You can colour it just for fun or you colour it in the colours of your own character to see how it would look as a dragon or you want to have a dragon character but you don't think that you can draw a dragon then you can use this and colour it how you like. YOU CAN DO WHAT EVER YOU LIKE WITH IT!
BUT you should leave the signature on it please and don't claim that the outline was made by someone else than me. That's all! Be creative and have fun. ;)
And this is for non-commercial stuff ONLY, of course. ;)


You need to do rightclick "Save as" and be sure that you save the file as a .png then, else it will not be transparent!!!
The transparent PNG file is easy to colour in PS and Gimp for example because you can make a layer underneath the lineart for colour and shadings. ;)

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may I colour it in then posting but giving you the cretit to you for the outline
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;) Yes, that's okay.
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Very cool!! I love dragons, that's why Clap Love Thumbs Up :happybounce: 
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Thank you very much. :dance:
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here the link to my dragon if u dint mind i edit so here the link…
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Thanks very much for using it. :) You did a nice job there.
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thanks i hope it was ok that i made the wing torn and the horn broken
suzidragonlady's avatar
 That's absolutely okay ;)
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the-adotable-dragon's avatar
can i use this for point adoptables?
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It is only for non commercial use, you can use it for adoptables but only for free ones (that's why the outlines are for free also).
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are you ok with FREE adoptables being made with this?
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;) It's all fine as long as it is not for any commercial use.
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The lineart can be used for adopts if it is for a non-commercial use. ;)
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It's for points since I have no paypal :):(
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hope you don't mind, i love your outline and well i love dragons so i attemted to color it lol It will be on my page (as soon as i figure out why my uploads aren't showing hehe) I'm one of those i can't draw hardly at all but i really need to practice on shading and coloring :) Thanks for drawing this it's wonderful!
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I'm happy to see that people like to colour my lineart and I hope it inspires you to draw more. :)
Thank you for colouring it!
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I *slightly* modified the line art (I hope that's ok, you didn't say anything about it in your conditions), and colored it and used it as a reference for my character. Here it is, if you want to take a look: [link]
suzidragonlady's avatar
It's completely okay. ;)
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I was wondering if i could use this as a pose for a chatland call Mystical realms?
[link] :)
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