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Feet Sheet

This is just how I draw feet... ;)

Have a look at this too:

[link] (Updated Back Legs Sheet)

:boogie: I hope this is also helpful.

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This legitimately saved my life. Thank you sooooo much!!
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You're welcome!! ;P
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Thank you very much for sharing, it will help you so many people around here !
suzidragonlady's avatar
Thanks much! ;) That's great to hear. :D
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you should draw alot of  D,E  and  I with longer nails :D

i = Plantigrade , anthro character would be awsome with them ,only longer nails should they have
sonadow-lover-6890's avatar
Oh thank you so much!This is so helpful ;w;
Nice :) I am just starting to draw Anthros and this was helpful :3 
suzidragonlady's avatar
Thank you very much.
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Thanks this is a great ref. I am doing anthros again and it has bin 4 years since I drew any, so I am rusty.
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lol i got stuck on my pics paws and looked this up and poof not stuck no more thanks.
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Thanks! :) I'm glad that it is helpful.
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oh nice. very very late reply.
hmm im guessing you had alot of messages and it took you a while to catch up?
oh or you just havent been on in a few weeks right?
either way thank you it was helpful.
suzidragonlady's avatar
I'm behind with all my messages because work keeps me busy and away from the internet. :XD: But I always try to answer. ;)
obsidianthefox's avatar
sounds good.
i just realized that ive never actually looked through your gallery :P
maybe ill do that some time today and give you a whole new thing of messges to answer.
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thanks so much! this was really helpful :D
Shiito-kun's avatar
Really helpful ='D thanks a lot >3<
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