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this is just so i can link to this everytime i'm asked about fakebloods.


what kind of blood do you use? artificial, from a store

what store? theatre supply store, you may also try costumes shops or such, but i recommend getting something of good quality, and theatre supply stores sell pro stuff to be used in TV/movies as well. to finns i suggest; H.kuokkasen peruukkiliike it. teatterikujalla rautatieaseman vieressä. hyvä valikoima ja erinomainen palvelu.

what brand? i myself use mostly Kryolan's blood's. the ones i have are
-transparent blood - dark(veinous) and light (arterial)
-special film blood "universal" - dark(veinous) - ok for mouth as it tastes like candy.
-fresh scratch blood effect - very stiff, good for wounds and such
-SP4 (www.movie-magic.de/bk/kr/04014…) very liquid, almost watery, and realistic in that sense. great color too.

see picture;  koti.welho.com/jtapanil/pics/f… it has all of the ones i just listed.

i have also tried Cinema Secrets FX blood, but i'm not too fond of it's blueish tint and thick texture, but it's not 'bad'. it solves with small amounts of water quite well but stains SKIN very fast. however i have managed to get it off from clothes.   
how much does it cost? my guess is that it depends on the brand and where u live.

why not real?can i use real? i prefer not real because it smells bad when warm and stains more, also i'm not sure if real blood (like cow's) is healthy to be put in mouth.   it's also illegal to sell in some places like Ontario, Canada, right now. but why not, i've tried it and at least the 'reality' aspect of it is good, it's just fairly thin and thicker tends to look better in photos.

where can i get real blood? from the butcher's or large grocery store's/market's, meat dept, probably frozen. pretty cheap.

what does fake blood taste like? depends on the blood. mine taste bad or candy.

does fake blood wash off from clothes?depends on the blood and material of the clothing. i suggest you try washing any materials right away if you want to get it off. if it's a important to you, ask the store before you buy it, however no company wants to be reliable for ruining clothes so they can't usually quarantee to not stain...  use your common sense and maybe do a test on the inside lining of the fabric before anything else.

why don't you make the blood yourself? know any good recipes? because i am too fuckin lazy. it's also not self evident that self made blood looks real enough.  i think artificial fake bloods are good so it's easy to just buy them, no need to mess around in my kitchen every time i want to take a bloody pic, i rather concentrate in the photos than 'cooking' blood. and so, no i don't have any recipes, nor do i need any. try google or read the comments under this journal if you want to try it yourself.

what if i need big amounts of blood, gets expensive to buy fake huh? i see 3 options,
1. photoshop it, if you have some blood, u can use it as a reference and so forth, takes time to learn i'm sure but costs only time, for reference see my photo 'dead series 3' where a big part of the blood is photoshopped but some is fakeblood.  
2. use real blood, see question earlier
3. if you want 'blood' in bathtub or such, u can use food coloring mixed with water, it'll look real as a liquid, but on skin it's just watery and doesn't have enough color. for reference, in my photo 'you know me as Elisabeth' the model is in a bathtub and i used food coloring on the water.

i'll be adding questions as i encounter them.

thank you for the interest :)

© 2004 - 2021 suzi9mm
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For black and white, nothing beats plain old chocolate syrup. In fact, that is one of the main reasons Psycho was shot in black and white instead of color (at the time, fake blood wasn't very realistic in color).
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soysauce+red food coloring

you can eat it too :)
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Thanks a lot for this article :)
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I just use acrylic paint :l and lipstick sometimes. gets the job done if you're good.
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Kiitosta vinkistä, pitää;pä käydä tarkistamassa tuo kauppa.. :D
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Helpfull indeed =3
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:D Thank you for the advice!
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omg, the "real blood" part sounds creapy enough :faint:...
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oh, i meant creepy, sorry... but i'm still :faint:
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uh there's blood right in your body, no need to buy it ^^
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im not into that type of stuff... plus it coagulates fast plus i wonder how many photos id take after leaking a liter?
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hm i make my own fake blood :-D
still good enough for pictures
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great :) im too lazy to.
Grammophon's avatar
lol ^^
i think its to expensive^^
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wats the recipe?? can u plz tell me, i wanna no (^_^)
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Sirup water and red foodcoloring :-)
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cooooooooooool! one of my friends will be interested in this!
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Thanks for all the info. Now i only have to find a shop that sells it... i think that will be very hard since i live far from some big towns. Anyway, i will try to find and buy it online.

Again thanks for the info and the inspiration from your great work.
Anime-Angel-of-Gloom's avatar
Thankyou, this is very helpful ^^

What would be best though for a crying blood effect? Or would it be best just to photoshop int tears?
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either one of the fake bloods or photoshop. you better be good with PS tho to make it look good...

go to a store where they sell fake bloods and ask the staff what they recommend.
Anime-Angel-of-Gloom's avatar
Thanks for your help, im not too good with PS so ill probably go ask at a store ^^
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