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just a quick update although dA point of view, ive kinda disappeard from the face of the earth :D i moved to London a month ago with my partner. trying to set up life here, despite Brexit and the chilly weather. Istanbul was great for me in many ways, but i felt like my time was up there, and im liking UK so far :)

always happy to meet fellow deviants, but pls get in touch via email (suzi9mm at gmail) or comment on my blog ( or FB msg or something, since i am so absent here.

take care of yourselves and create art <3

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hello there...does anyone hear me, anymore? :D if not, fair enough, i have not been exactly active for a...*ahem*..few years.

just wondering if there are any Melbourne deviants around possibly, i am in the city until April 12th and would love to meet some local people and hang out :)

besides enjoying the sun and relaxed atmosphere of Melbourne, life is good, i still live in turkey, still work in IT, and still not back to photography as one can figure out by looking at my dA profile (if i was to photograph, you guys would be the first ones to know). but i guess there is a time and place for everything.

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i dont usually jump on bandwagons for important causes, im so lame, although i am known to rant day in and day out in my blog. however the way that the growingly authoritarian turkish government is treating its secular citizens is so shameful, and living in the middle of this it is touching me. using tear gas and water cannons is nothing new in turkey of course -unfortunately - but on friday as the police attacked peaceful park occupiers in the center of the city, ppl had enough and suddenly arrived in thousands. some have died and hundreds are wounded, and the protests extended throughout the country over the weeked. although the TV is not showing *anything* of the events in an effort to silence the people, save for one small channel (Halk, which is right now showing live feed from Ankara where the police is attacking people), the social media is doing the job. and that pisses the prime minister off, he was bashing on tv today "about "the lies" on social media and said that "twitter is a source of problem".  turkey is not quite what egypt was but people have a growing feeling that its going that way and are tired of being shut down by the islamic ruling party. and i strongly feel that way too, maybe in a year or two we must move out as the atmosphere being built is less and less tolerant of secularism. unless they deport me before that for tweeting and blogging like this? 

for some very good and telling pictures of the events in the past days;
active Tumblr feed #occupygezi

some articles etc;
the Atlantic's article on people's frustration
The Guardian on how it all started
Der Spiegel article on US's lost trust
Twitter feed of #occupygezi

Taksim (the center) last night after police left;
taksim. occupied. #direngezi
swimming goggles and a breathing mask came in useful though, the gasses in the air are really horrible (and give a headache), and this was after the police had already retreated.

so what do i want from you? nothing, thanks for reading. i assume those who feel like it, will tweet or do something else, perhaps share this forward. thanks.
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anyone in Barca?? or should i ask, is anyone even reading this poor journal anymore? i am visiting in Barcelona with a finnish friend in April...  would be once again nice to meet fellow deviants, despite the fact that i am not around here much anymore. some of the best people i ever met have been from dA so...

after Barca im going to Vienna, where i am certain i will hang out with :coxi: - as :natashalyonne: has by then removed herself from the city to better playing fields, namely Cairo, i think. bad timing girl!

so, that was pretty much the content of what i wanted to say...  eh. i am good, still in Istanbul, quite content, doing freelance work (translation, software testing...) etc.

just to fill the space, here is a photo from this morning, i was woken up by a breakfast delivery to bed;
breakfast in bed

meanwhile, i would also be happy to hear how you guys are doing in your lives...? you'd be surprised how well i remember people by their usernames and icons!
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you dont hear much from me these days... the loss of inspiration, and moving my thoughts to blogspot before that...  that killed it i guess.

I'm going for a short holiday in Rome this weekend, May 24th->  maybe if any one of you is there, it would be nice to meet :) msg me? email is even better, first name dot last name at gmail

my blog is still at
and my snapshots at suzi9mmflickr

i hope everyone is doing well...  im still in Istanbul enjoying the chaos.
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finally i have my Iranian visa application on the way, i have researched travel options and most importantly i have money and time (holiday). my boyfriend is coming with me so it will be fun.

the train from Istanbul to Tehran leaves on Tuesdays sooo ...i think we will be leaving on a Tuesday. arrival is on Friday. hopefully we can visit 3 cities (Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz). then make our way back to Van by bus (city in Turkey near the border) and fly to Istanbul from there. the flights from Tehran to Istanbul were quite expensive.  life in Iran should be cheap though, the food and stuff. and I already found at least one couch. a previous couchsurfing guest is in Isfahan so itll be now great to see his place in turn.

i am CERTAIN i had a contact from deviantart who is in Iran but i couldnt find a note ...  where are you? and where is everyone else? i want to meet some ppl! deviantart is not banned in Iran, or is it?
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this is just an effort to find someone to meet up with possibly in Sofia or Plovdiv, Bulgaria. i am planning to go buy the overnight train ticket tomorrow with my friend Maiju. and we should be there on thursday morning. we are just staying 2-3 days so not much time, but even so, it would meet nice to meet people.

so, reply or note me if interested? :)
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so how are things with 'you people'? tell me what happened to you this summer or year - its been like half a year since i last wrote a journal, eh...

i am still in istanbul, still living with my boyfriend...  we rented a new flat in january and its quite nice, i have enjoyed furnishing it with IKEA. im working at this web-company, translating, copywriting, project managing and setting up websites (in wordpress currently). life is okay all in all although there are these days that i wonder 'wtf?'. i am still horribly stressed at times, which is something im trying to learn to get rid off but its not easy...  either way, life is quite enjoyable right now, i cannot deny that. needless to say though, i havent been photographing, if i had, u would be the first to know ;)

i still have spotify invitations to anyone interested in a free music streaming service.

also, im sure everyone who is interested is already in Google plus but if not, i can send an invitation for that too.

some links for your enjoyment:
Dark Roasted Blend a website with random funny or interesting posts, photos of pandas and so on...
The Beheld a blog about beauty and feminism
Documentarywire a site linking to various documentaries (youtube etc), good selection

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spotify invites for USA

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2011, 9:56 AM
if you want a spotify invite, gimme your email address - here or in a note

Spotify website

note: these invites are for people in the US. Spotify is available in a limited amount of countries for now.

i have been following the news about Spotify landing in the US with smile. me and almost all of my finnish friends have been happily using it for a cuple of years now. since then i didnt bother with my hard drive collection anymore...owning something, even bits, became old fashioned. Spoty doesnt have everything occasionally i still go back to my files. but i can access them through Spotify interface too. and for my phone (aka mp3 player) i use the offline-function, so i can use spotify on my phone when i dont have internet. and although it sounds like it, Spotify didnt pay me for this advertisement....i wish they did tho - damn im good huh??!

anyway, i have been so lazy in writing on dA and i dont even know if anyone would remember me here anymore if i wrote, but since Sptify just prompted me to be nice to my US friends, i thought i'd offer invites to anyone who wants

then start off by listening to The National (alternative pop rock), Lykke Li (more electro) or Simon & Garfunkel for example recent favorites.

i plan to write a real journal entry soon though.


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life in istanbul continues - what about urs?

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 8, 2010, 4:52 PM
yeah, im still here. still not working on photography...  the snapshots dont count.

since july (geez i write so rarely these days, i guess im just aahamed to even show my face here since i dont post anything anymore) ...hmm, whats happened? i have kept working as an english teacher. still like it, my students are wonderful for the most part, 25-40 yr olds, in office jobs mostly. altho i got one 14-yr old private student, hes sweet.

then, in september my mom died. she was ill so it wasnt like a huge shock but still, didnt expect it now. and id appreciate no comments on the whole thing, this is enough sharing for me.

and around the same time, in september, i moved in together with my boyfriend. we'd talked about it but i hadnt told my mom the news unfortunately. so its been over a month now and altho our flat is not very big its been going well so far...  were doing this as a pilot and if all goes well we shall look for a bigger flat later. its my first time leaving with a boyfriend so... a new experience. i feel quite lucky right now. and, im cooking several times a week now. but so is he.

in january we are looking to go to finland together with him, i wanna show where im from, my favorite places and friends and all that :) i didnt take him with me to the funeral, i dont think it would have been the best time and it was a short visit, would have been a waste of money too(the visa application stuff is bloody expensive!). so, january, the darkest and coldest time of the year, what an opportunity to get to know lovely finland! lol.

other than these, i think everything as usual, im watching House, Apprentice and a few other shows enthusiastically. and trying to make new connections here. obviously my plans to go back have been pushed a little further now, altho i never had a set date to begin with...  we will see, work and relationship play a big role in this...

about turkey then. its chaotic, random and a bit sloppy here and there, relaxed and warm. sometimes wonderful, sometimes pisses me off... but ive been able to relax quite a bit i think, which is what i hoped for. but great people really crown it, i guess it goes for any place. in my blog i vent and cherish the day-to-day events and life of istanbul. im also enjoying reading on my long trips to work and back, ive been ordering books on honor killing and other women/islam related issues...(granted heavy on the extreme side, honor killings are not normal muslim behavior...but i guess the hard core of everything always interested me).

im so glad i found the instructions to block event invites from certain people in facebook today! damn, ive been wishing for that function. its from the privacy setting and block lists. u can list the people u dont want event invites from. im sure everyones gotta friend or 2 that have a band and invite u to every freakin concert, even if u were in another country...  then again perhaps it doent bug everyone like it does me! :p speaking of facebook, the whole adding strangers thing is a little weird, i mean sure u can use fb to make new contactsi guess but to me it was always about keeping in touch with the old ones, and perhaps just engaging with their friends or finding common friends, but NOT adding strangers. i know some ppl add me cos they like my work (they say so), and thats cool, but i dont want to see them in my news feed and they dont need to see my news feed (altho i never update) and theres nothing about photography anyway. facebook is about friends and private stuff for me. not too private tho...

so update me on your life, once again...? :)


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life in istanbul

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 7, 2010, 4:29 AM
long time no see...   :) my quiet phase continues, i am taking a lot of snapshots of daily life and the 5D stays packed in winter sleep.

i have an exhibition coming up here in Istanbul now, so thats nice. everyones welcome to come over, its opening on Sunday ;) but thats one of the smaller happenings in my life, moving to a new country and becomming a resident here has changed a lot. which is what i wanted i guess. i got a job as an english teacher, heh. its quite alright, im teaching adults, mostly from companies. maybe in time i find a job in my 'own' field (web editor or something alike), and photography jobs but in the meanwhile im a teacher.

so yeah, i moved to the asian side of the city (istanbul is on 2 continents as we were taught in school, remember? :P) and have a decent flat here. didnt have much money to decorate it so i got 2nd hand stuff and not too much of it. anyway its okay for now.

then, upon arriving i found a boyfriend for myself too :D what a wonderful surprise, totally unexpected. being single was fun and dandy but my heart took some hits during the past 2 yrs so this was actually well timed, i totally deserved this. (what a stupid saying, as if there was some law of decency and fairness in this universe, as if people deserved things to maintain some massive balance of so its been 3 months of that now, me happy. he is my age, a doctor.

so ive been building a social life as well - of course. trying to meet new people, make new friends. its going alright i think. so i could sum things up by saying "ive settled in". the cultural differences are big i guess, life is quite different from what it was in finland...but its been eye opening and refreshing. i think ive learned quite a lot, and gotten tanned :roll:

in the fall i hope to go to Iran finally. its a 3 day train trip from here. and then perhaps i could visit finland at some point...  i hope i get the money together for that. i dunno when i shall move back there...  if work and other things continue going alright then im in no hurry, maybe some time next year.

i guess thats most of it. feel free to tell me whats going on in your life?

some pics; (more in flickr and my blog as usual, and random videos in youtube...)
the city



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istanbul will be home. 30.

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 10, 2010, 7:13 AM
time to inform my fellow deviants i am moving to istanbul :) i thought its time, my life is in a good spot for this. time will show how long i stay but im thinking 10 months or so could be nice...  it all depends on if i find a job and all that of course. so lets hope it works out ;) patronizing advice is not necessary by the way - thank you :)

so this is my 2nd abroad-experience, as old deviants may remember, me and superkev were roommates in 2004 when i spent half a year in canada. good times. canada certainly has a special place in my heart, good peoples.

so now i need to pack my life, or some of it, and travel south. march 28th.

and what is going on with you? tell me.

last month i was traveling a bit...besides turkey, lebanon and syria. and i met a few deviants too :D  including Gonzale, CooLAnnoS and maxwildcat.

my pics from the trip are in flickr HERE - again nothing fancy or artsy, just memories.

here is train station lounge in Istanbul, with live kitty decorations
haydarpasa train station - lounge and kitties

and here is the closest i got to artsy. someone i was staying with was bleeding from a cut in his finger and suggested he pose for me - knowing my style of work. but i was traveling with my compact camera and drunk as hell anyway, so this is what was recorded on the memory card;

and this is my latest tattoo... personal checklist.
my checklist
UI add-ons (make up, earrings, hair dye...)
Sao Paulo got randomly listed, but i guess it means i have to go for a visit then?
Life. if at the morgue they have the sense of humor to check it, please...
Love. might need a couple more X's to emphasize the fact its been tried and tested :D i feel lucky to have loved.

and im turning 30 this friday! yay :D ive spent most of my 20s in deviantart, pretty crazy!

daily photo project
reverse image serach engine
pictures with words


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Istanbul, Damascus, Sofia? and happy new yr etc

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 14, 2010, 7:14 AM
so its a new year, happy new decade to everyone. its almost been a decade (8yrs) since i came to dA as well...  ill be sure to party my 10yrs when that day comes...  anyway. im turning 30 soon and so itll be the decade im suppose to grow up? i wonder if thatll ever happen, lol. my cousin, who is the same age, and whom we were very BFF with until our twenties, is now having her baby. pretty crazy, how our lives just grew to such different directions. i mean its so obvious someone in another country and culture, or simply your neighbor, has a different life, but when you sort of go the same route all your childhood... and then after 20 the roads suddenly grow apart, thats odd. i guess the feeling is something like looking a mirror of yourself - in a parallel universe.

anyway, as i have probably 'complained' in my previous journal or so, i am in a bit of a junction of different roads myself regarding my working life. still don't know where ill end up. however in this 'moment of crisis' i think i (again) need a bit of fresh air (any excuse to travel will do for me...) and so im going to back to my beloved Istanbul. it was justa matter of time anyway. i am just about to finish my english teaching degree and will be going to show it off there and see what happens...  anyway, while in the area i also plan to do some traveling, its fairly cheap so i think i can stretch my budget to it.

i was thinking Iran, all my friends that have been there say its a great place, but very unfortunately the visa is slow to get and many other circumstances affecting, i can not make that trip this time. hopefully a bit later in the year...  supporting my plans are also some deviants, so i have extra motivation to go :)

so im thinking Damascus/Syria or Sofia/Bulgaria perhaps?  are you there?

i will also go somewhere else in Turkey, Eskesehir (sorry i never learn how to spell it) at least, and pass through Adana for example if going to Syria. but we'll see.

as a little sidenote, i want to once again thank everyone one who bought my prints. i really appreciate the support and it in small part helps me to travel too. thank you and i hope you enjoy the work :)

greetings from the snowy finland;
winter 667

raisin bran crunch ad with alien :lol:
quickie new york a nice erotic photo tumblr-blog
the 30 freakiest commercials of 2009 by adfreak
my fav tweeter: sween

also if you havent tried grooveshark for listening music, u might want to ;) here is my "songs i will remember from 2009"-list.


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its that time of the year...

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 23, 2009, 10:28 AM
hello dear fellow deviants. its that bloody time of the year again when u have to wreck your brain as to what to give (usually: BUY) to your loved ones. or the people u r just obliged to exchange this tradition with. or if ur lucky, u just celebrated hanukkah, ate well and that was that. i got a piece of hanukkah as well, as i was in israel - returned a couple days ago. i needed to go see wtf is all the fuss there about - u know - bombing busses and building a wall...   walls are not a specialty of only germans and the chinese any longer.

i was lucky enough to find someone online from the palestinian side, journalist/activist Yasser Alhaj, who was a nice host and showed me around. him and his family offered me a place to stay in their home at the Deheisha refugee camp. very enlightening experience. in Israel - Tel Aviv- i got to meet plenty of israelis then. heard all kinds of views. all in all, i have to say it DOES look pretty bad. i cant see a solution in the near future. with different religions and all, its really fucked up and complicated. i wrecked my brain but will have to pass on the certain nobel peace prize that solving this would have merited me... i packed my bags and returned to the cold dark north. all the while the israelis that stayed in my home were VERY happy to return to the sun after 2 weeks here...  so the home exchange went well all in all, but they did get a little home sick :D well, i was kind of happy to see snow too when i returned.

the place in Tel Aviv where i stayed was really neat though. i dont think id ever want to live there necessarily, its a very american-inspired car-city (built for cars, not pedestrians, people live outside the city mostly, and come to work downtown), but for staying a while i really liked my 'home'. 23rd floor in sheraton city tower... lol :D

i can recommend home exchange and my offer/request to deviants regarding this stands ;) i need a city home though, since i dont even have a driver's license. but other than that, im interested in most places in the world. from nepal to NYC...Reykjavik or Rio De Janeiro maybe...? :P

some pics, rest are in Flicr.

my view from the 'home'. sun setting down on TLV city
sun setting on TLV

hanukkah celebration on friday 11th
hanukkah wine

the wall, seen from palestinian side

i was sad to find a lot of dA art sold on the market. i doubt the artists have been informed let alone compensated. if i had seen my work there, i think i might have just stolen it.
someone selling deviantart stuff on street

besides many other people, i was happy to meet some deviants! actually i didnt even get to see all whom wrote me, which i am sorry for. i met Gil in 2004 in helsinki, so he was at the top of my list...  5 yrs passed, it was a great reunion. then there was irisdall who took me shopping and :TomahawkR: who introduced me to a fancy 24/7 breakfast place. israeli breakfast with a flavoured sparkling wine (which some know as champagne, but it really isnt).

so what does your christmas/end of year plans include? im just working as per usual and hanging out with friends. well, thats pretty common too. i am in a spot where i dont know about my working future after january. i might continue to another job in the company i currently work for, or might go unemployed, which sucks of course. the job market is not that great atm. then theres always istanbul, which i am still obsessed about...

oh and i have to share this with you: i agreed with a dutch book publisher to have 'sleeping beauty' on the cover of the local print of James Ellroy book Blood's a Rover
james ellroy book cover in the netherlands
so thats what it will look like :) our very own SeaFairy on the cover.

no links this time, but check out these songs on youtube;
Jenni Vartiainen: Malja
Say Hi To Your Mom: Blah Blah Blah


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wassup? jen's update. home exchange. tel aviv.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 17, 2009, 8:04 PM

hello there! heeeey! hear me? :) yes, you.

so how are you doing?

im same old...  working with web sites, editing, making banners, localizing...  obsessively planning travels. i think thats about it. just got a new pocket cam which i can genuinely recommend to anyone; Canon S90. great quality in such small size. and f 2.0... think about that!! nice user interface. and pretty as hell.

so, i decided to try home exchange. one of the ways to make traveling cheaper. these types of solutions are always welcome for me...:p i browsed for homes quite randomly and found myself writing a query to Tel Aviv, Israel. i got a quick reply and now its settled. im going to Tel Aviv in december, 8th-21st. if you are there, would be lovely to meet up of course. im pretty excited about the trip...  it wont be a full holiday as another brilliant money-saving idea of mine is that i will work while abroad. it still has that holiday feel u know, when u are in a new place. we have an office in Tel Aviv, so ill just go there. usually i work from home most of the week, which is i guess how i got this idea originally (if working from home, home might as well be somewhere else, but yes, ironically i am going to the office when abroad, the social contact is nice). i tested this theory in Istanbul in september and it worked...  speaking of which, it was a good trip. i met some new deviants too, such as Ultra-Vixen :) we hung out in the city a bit, its bars and megalomaniac shopping malls. i am also still looking into going back to Istanbul, but don't know when exactly. i feel like it keeps calling me and i feel comfortable there.

needless to say, if you want to exchange homes with me sometimes in the near-ish future (i dont go as far as planning my life in 2011...), drop me a note! central helsinki flat is waiting!

greetings from finland:
helsinki 101109 8:30am

and my new kitty magnets! :D i ordered some when dA had zero shipping cost
kitty magnets

btw does anyone here like Wolfgang Tillmans' work?

and is it possible that there is a cool tv series i havent found yet? one that is ON right now. i am currently following House (of course), Mentalist, Lie To Me, Trauma, Mercy, V, Flash Forward, Ultimate Fighter, Californication, White Collar. so, am i missing anything? tell me.  

people of walmart
flickr color settler
photo portfolios of countries an odd, uncomfortable campaign against domestic violence


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generic update, pics, Istanbul again.

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2009, 3:33 PM

greetings from the lovely Budapest (and Vienna, of course). Sziget festival, which is often described as 'eurowoodstock', lived up to its reputation and more, i loved it! huge, very lively and multicultural festival with plenty of stages and tents. some of the performing were Prodigy, Lily Allen, Offspring, Faith No More, Placebo, Manic Street Preachers and Bloc Party. i can heartily recommend it to everyne who enjoys festivals. but a word of warning: 5 days of partying is tough!!!

click bigger;
faith no more
Faith No More

eric prydz
Eric Prydz was there too :) BUT, he disappointed us girls who were ready to do an aerobics lesson - he didnt play THE song!


we pose! or me at least
me and natashalyonne :)

coxi and natashalyonne on our way to a pool parrrrty in Vienna. this was the first in a series of Viennese nights that we spent together. good times.

rest of the pics are in my Flickr; Vienna and Sziget/Budapest

and speaking of that cunning MF coxi...;) he got unbanned i think the day i went to Vienna. last time i visited 3+ yrs ago it was the opposite. i seem to have an effect on things :o  but are we not glad to have the drama back or what? :D Severin has sworn to me he has no time (nor interest?) to cause general chaos and disruption this time however...   we shall see...   :)  but welcome back :hug:  

Istanbul i decided indeed requires another visit from me. i asked my boss if i could just go to the local office to work for a couple weeks, i normally work from home now, just 15h/week, so it really doesnt matter where i am, i just need an internet connection. but i wouldnt mind seeing the working life in Turkey, ive been in contact with the local office because of my current job anyway, so why not visit them. that worked out, so im going in midway September :dance: if you want to meet up, do let me know :) (via note)  im pretty excited, going alone, having to work...a different kind of set up than usual. the flights to Istanbul are only 200e (290$), for those who wonder...  its a big mystery, flying from Vienna for example which is closer, is more expensive. how do u explain that? and flying to many places closer to finland is more expensive too. Finnair and Turkish Airlines have just both worked out really good deals for me to enjoy. i cant really afford this but ...we only live once ;)

what else...  life continues to flow in its direction(s). some heartache here and there spices things up more than youd think :roll: but im still alive. i met my little sister in Vienna too, who is not so little anymore, she's 18!! and wanting to be a tattoo artist. i say go for it. would be cool to have her add some ink on me. im trying to be really thoughtful now though, i dont want to be a full work of fuckin art, need some bare snow white skin too. less 'snow white' lately though because of all my traveling this summer :roll: ive had to go up one degree in my make up shade, lol.

whats good is ive worked a bit with some photos, and even managed to post a couple. the foreign men series doesnt count as much though so reallt its just one. but its something. its very hard to find models for these type of erotic couple shots though, so if i wanted to continue shooting this stuff, which i do, well, its hard :( and be sure, ive asked around! i guess it just takes a while, need to take a few to show what im going for and so forth...  any interested models in HELSINKI (or Istanbul, hehe) are welcomed to sign up! :D

feel free to tell me whats going up ith you too. im already getting used to hearing about some of your lives... its odd, when i might not even have a clue which country someone is from but their nickname is familiar and i know their studuying this and that and broke up and whatever...  i sometimes fail to reply but i guess everyone knows that. i try though. i read everything anyway though.

star wars gangsta rap i bet most have seen this, but if not...
Eric&Sookie video mash up for TB E&S fans ;)
hard ass super mario :o


Here you can feature whatever you want.

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happy b-day dA

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 5, 2009, 1:50 PM
i had to check from my profile how long ive been a member, i thought 6 yrs. no, 7. holy f.

congrats to the website that has had severe fuckin impact in my life. thank you. no pressies tho, sorry, just my old self. im merely showing off the birthday-shirt i got yesterday :) the photographer got photographed, it seems. okay i think i look a bit dumb, thats why im usually on the other side!!! :D

deviantart 9th birthday shirt -2 deviantart 9th birthday shirt

this is the shirt in question

my addiction to True Blood is severe. could this explain why i cannot sleep at night?? am i alone with this? who knows if Eric and Sookie will hook up?? pls?

still open to meeting peeps in Budapest next week ;)

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budapest. summer 2009. what future entails.

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2009, 3:34 PM
firstly greetings from the drop dead gorgeous Istanbul. i fell in love at first sight. a big part of this awesomeness were the many deviants i met :nod: off the top of my head iustinian, betasus, toroscan and firacos. but there were a few more. i think i made some real friends there...  i also photogrphed betasus for my foreign men series...i shoukd post the results up soon, the ladies will appreciate i am sure. we also had the possibility to attend toroscan's concert, it just happens to be that he is a talented pianist!

Toros Can playing at süreyya operasi
(as usual, click for bigger size)

i shared this view of the city early on my last morning. we were walking around the streets with firacos and came across this. it was a lovely morning.
Istanbul at morning

the rest of the photos from the trip are here in flickr. not very artsy for sure, just snaps.

i am now taking a TEFL (teaching english) course and looking out for a possibility to go teach english in Istanbul...  i need some rad change in my life. career and country change all at once, pls. if this doesnt work out i might look out for other places and opportunities. thoughtful suggestions are welcome, too. but i think i am going back to Istanbul looking at the job possibilities in september.

BUDAPEST, and Vienna
flying to Vienna on natashalyonne :kiss:. were going to the Sziget festival in Budapest</b>, it's 12th-17th of August. yay. good times coming up i believe, i love festivals. if anyone of you is there, we should meet up?

i also got some new ink! these show some parts of it,
the flower and diving bunny some other fish...
i have the mermaids on the other side of the arms, so sea is the overall theme. theres starfish and blow fish and a diving bunny of course.

my addiction to tattoos is getting worrysome, lol.

now that im working part time again life is sooo much easier. but my bank ccount is nearing a crash thanks to this. doesnt look good. one of the reasons i need to think of a new job. anyway, the summer has been pretty good i suppose. what about yours??

wedding entrance video if someone should have missed this...  well here it is. makes me smile every time.
homotography :drool:

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waiting for summer and learning CSS akshully

Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2009, 9:32 AM

so whassup with you?

im getting into my summermode since the C-meter is closing 20 on most days. i still have a few weeks of work before my trip to Istanbul...blah, i cant wait.  

also i think id be better off if i could understand CSS some, i dont need to be a coder but understanding whats going on can never hurt in my job.

as for dA journal CSS skins, check out for ideas... a lot of nice palettes, like this one.

and here at you can make your dA journal skin.

u guys tweet? here's an interesting article on twitter vs facebook. anyway im a bit old fashioned and just do my blogging and only tweet occasionally. and Fb...i dunno, i just dont feel comfortable showing my personal shit dont everyones throat in the form of status updates.  

if youre using Spotify btw, i have neat 80s and 90s playlists to share if anyone's interested :P theyre groovy. i might as well put the links here to save anyone time;
90's playlist
80's playlist
just so you know, WHEN Spotify does become AVAILABLE internationally in all countries...i WILL be shoving it down your throats :) thats a promise :)

relationships this is a humor link
another humor wait, its not funny
The Daily Bunny for our daily bunneh needs
10 000 words - where journalism and technology meet
sociological images
abduzeedo design blog, lotsa nice visuals


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heyyyy.... and apologies for the previous journal which was just asskickin' april fools except for the Barcelona part, i was there and really enjoyed it. too many called me on the a.f. tho, i guess im getting old and too obvious :P so really, opposite to what i wrote, there is no one in my life. im still 'singling' and mingling, going on dates occasionally. but im quite happy being single. have a lot of time for myself. and working full time, thats appreciated.

ive booked flights to Istanbul at the end of june (last week), with my friend sininen, i would love to meet you if youre there...:) write me. i felt like going to Istanbul cos its such an old city... loong history, going back to hundreds of years BC, being the capital of several empires. i want to see and feel if this history is somewhere in there, in the air.  this reminds me, i really should kick my ass and have myself move somewhere for a while, a different country and city. it would be educating and a good experience...   i should look into it this by next yr.

what are you up to in our life? working, studying, applying for school, getting married or divorced or just found someone? i dont care if i dont know you, im just curious.

ive been checking out tv shows and series, just randomly, in hopes of finding something good. a few nice ones have come my way. my recommendations...: (feel free to recommend me some all the same)
True Blood
The Big Bang Theory
Little Britain USA
Rock of Love (Brett Michaels having his own dating show, amusing in a sick way)

heres some links for your amusement as well;
graphic sociology
photomanips by Mariano Villalba
no, not gonna add the Susan Boyle link, i know youve all seen it already, which is good :)