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young finnish men - sebastian

third in the series of young finnish men. i want to find the finnish essence in these men. i know when i see it.
#1 [link]
#2 [link]

this is Sebastian. infamous for knocking me down in the boxing ring. i know him from the time when he studied to be a hairdresser and i was to be a beautician. haven't had much contact with him after that. in this picture (and outside of it) he looks like a GOD :faint: but about the finnish essence, yes, it's there. he's 25, has done any martial arts thing u can think of, winning several medals, but is currently actively into judo and vale tudo/NHB. i find his personality to be outgoing, very friendly and straight forward. yet he can seem shy, tackling with words, being so enthusiastic about everything going on around him. anyway i have to ask, what kind of a chick wouldn't be want to hit by him? :D (*kind of joking*)
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Dec 19, 2003, 10:12:06 PM
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Hi! :wave: Featured here: [link] and here: [link] ! :clap:
Gawd-damn's avatar
hmmmmmmm, huh? what were we talkin' about?
lalabennett's avatar
good job and beautiful man ihihihihi
I need travel to finland to find guys like that!!!! oh my god!!!
Darhling's avatar
OH MY GOD. Just wow.
metronome198d's avatar
He reminds me of Thom Yorke... dont know why though. Very sexy in my opinion, he's just stunning! I love the contrast of shadows in this pic :)
mascarastrike's avatar
he is quite utterly gorgeous.
i think the photo has a lot to do with the atmosphere, though.

so well done.
living-road's avatar
I like your work very much in particular this picture. This boy makes me feel something that i can explain.
Sorry for my english. Have a nice day.
zayonchek's avatar
gorgeous :) would love to see a color or semicolor version of this pic :D
DreamFull's avatar
wow..movin to finland now..hehe,nice pic too btw :)
BrandonEinziger's avatar
oooh. your finnish men aren't bad. not at all.
brandi-dawn-777's avatar
woohoo! he's hott!
madhatter's avatar
this is realy a great portrait... a sharp piercing nice portrait...
orchid-darkstar's avatar
He looks so innocent, yet so masculine and intense at the same time. This is actually an odd combination, but it works well for him! Though he has a very focused look, I can tell the gears of his mind are whirling away! :giggle:
breakula's avatar
Just lemme me know when you ll b starting the Pakistani hehe (just kiddin but think about it!)

Anyways your photosgraphy has never dissapointed me.. good FocUS
atila's avatar
Wonderful portrait. The lilghtning is great. It looks like an actors portrait, maybe because his expresion, or the kind of light you used, but well, it's just perfect. :-)
arwenita's avatar
Nice portrair :D Even tho Id like to see a bit more of contrast in it :)
synDrome-0o's avatar
Im finnish too :P lol
suzi9mm's avatar
congratulations :)

spacejunior's avatar
deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicioussss :D

and the guy's quite nice too ;)
kaoruangel's avatar
Great portrait.
imstillhere's avatar
such penetrating stares. excellent focus and composition. i love the medium of photography. it captures moments in time, and i think you do a very good job at capturing those fleeting moments.
EclipsedMeh's avatar

awesome shot:!:

you've captured a strange expression.. looks like if he's tired or sumthing... :)

anywayz... :clap:

twisted-soul's avatar
hmm... very interesting subject. you like finnish men? good work! :)
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